Welcome Here

Shall we start fresh? How about no catch up, just a quick introduction and we’ll see if we can jump back into it.

Getting back into something is hard, especially something you did regularly for a long time. It feels unfamiliar yet that of itself feels wrong because it was so familiar, it was so normal and comfortable and now it feels stiff and foreign. For a while I was blogging here almost every day and then school, and work, and life, and everything just sort of pushed in front and The Quester’s Tale lay vaccent.

I don’t believe I had any die hard fans (sorry if I’m doubting you, I appreciate you dear reader but did you really miss me? I just stopped appearing in front of you and faded into the background and your life continued on merrily and that’s fine, that’s good, I’m glad to think no one was disappointed when my blog began to take on the look of an abandoned house!) But now I’m back and committing to nothing, but saying hello.


I’m Rebecca. I’m a Christian, a university graduate (BA, Maj. Communications and Media, Min. Intercultural Studies) and a newlywed (October 7, 2017). I struggle with anxiety and have fought through depressive periods (I hesitate to flat out call it depression because I know many are worse off than I). I like to write, and read, and watch, and am trying to get better at listening. I’m constantly cold and worry I’m growing out of my sweet tooth with age.

I used to make Youtube videos (that too fell too the wayside, another casualty of “Life”. I still Tweet and Instagram a decent amount so if you’d be interested in seeing more regular stuff or chatting, those are the places to be, but I’m going to try and pop back around here more. Start some writing and journaling. During past periods of transition I’ve found writing a helpful way to process and sometimes this place to shout into the void helps.

Here’s some pics from the last little while before I head off!

(More wedding pics here if you’re interested: randrmydearwatson.wordpress.com)


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