We couldn’t stand to be apart for so long so we got together to hang out for an evening =D

My buddies-ol-pals from internship this past year B, D, and J and I got together this evening because it’d been nearly two months now and the time had come. We went over to J’s house and had supper and chatted and suuuuper abruptly it started pouring outside. Like torrential downpour. It had looked stormy before but it went from dry to WET instantaneously. So naturally we all ran onto the balcony to oggle at the rain and D said, We should go to BDI because the rain will make the line really short!! (BDI – Bridge Drive-In, Ice-cream parlour/stand by a bridge across the river. Outdoor line-up, rain will clear the line out) So gang-ho we all agreed and grabbed shoes and purses and emergency rain ponchos! (well, only one of those, and yes, someone actually wore it). We dashed down to the car and B and D were going to run out to B’s car to grab something but they spent so long in the doorway taking a picture of B in the poncho that the rain stopped and they didn’t need it any more…

So we all piled into J’s car and trucked off to BDI. Though it rained a little on the way there, thankfully it didn’t rain at all while we were at BDI! We all got dip cones of various flavours and headed across the bridge, like you do. I took a picture of us, I am a dedicated blogger:

Public selfie = dedication

Public selfie = dedication














So we crossed the bridge and strolled through the neighbourhood on the other side. There were some super nice houses there! A lot of them actually reminded me of England and now I really want to go back there… But in front of one house was a little mini free lending library!

IMG_5340Isn’t it cuuute? =D

So eventually we wandered back full circle and were heading back over the bridge when I remembered my walking-across-bridges-that-go-over-flowing-water tradition! Poohsticks! (Don’t know what Poohsticks is? Click here…) So I convinced the others that although we were in public Poohsticks must be a thing that happened! So we got our sticks and positioned ourselves on the bridge

IMG_5342We counted to three and tossed our sticks! I think D won, I lost… I chose the largest stick, smart people chose small, buoyant ones… ;D

We then trucked back to J’s place and it was TIME FOR COOKIES! D had bought me a kit for Christmas that was to make “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” and I hadn’t used it during internship so I’d been saving it until we all got together again. Today was that day!

I mixed that dough, rolled it out, cut out the cookies, baked them, mixed the icings and brought them along with me so we could have a snack/craft =D

I had extra dough so I made a Christmas blob =D

I had extra dough so I made a Christmas blob =D

B icing her sweater in plaid

B icing her sweater in plaid

D applying decorations with great care

D applying decorations with great care

J meticulously icing his sweater

J meticulously icing his sweater

D's sweater

D’s sweater

My sweater

My sweater

B's sweater

B’s sweater

J's sweater

J’s sweater

And with my second sweater I won the ugliest sweater contest =D

And with my second sweater I won the ugliest sweater contest =D

Post decorating and eating we decided to watch a movie (I know, we fit a lot into one evening!), so we watched Now You See Me (2013) and it is a really good movie! It’s kind of a triller type movie with almost an Oceans feel to it… It’s super!! =D


Aaand after the movie we went our separate ways… It was nice to be back together again. We realized when we’re apart we bottle up our sarcasm and then when we’re together again we’re all craaazy sarcastic and hilarious. At least we think we’re pretty hilarious…

Anyway, great evening, fun stuff, good snacks, passable company, GREAT movie, ya know, the norm… 😉



Shall we try this again?

It’s been a rather long time since I posted something (on the day it was written that is. I’m still gradually posting my entries from my Romania trip back in March). Here is whats been going on!

When I last posted it was mid-April and I had only just resurfaced onto the internet after being away for all of March. The month of April my roommate D and I stayed with our own families at home. We had classes, took a weekend trip down to Fargo to visit and help at a sister church down there, and helped prepare for the mission weekend our church was having May 2-4. That last weekend was a blast. We put together the centerpieces for all the tables (I think it was like 40ish centrepieces… We cut the branches, printed, folded, and glued little flags on them and arranged them all in vases. More time consuming and complicated than one might think but all good fun!) We chopped, peeled, washed, cut, stirred, and behaved like wonderful little sous chiefs in the kitchen for two days ahead of time to help put together the giant feast! (It was soooooo tasty! Dishes from countries all over the world, smelt amazing and tasted AHH so good! =D)

Then, on May the Fourth (yes, Star Wars day =D) I graduated from the Internship program I was in this past year. My three classmates/friends/buddies-ol’-pals and I had a short little graduation ceremony at church that morning where we received our certificates of graduation and were then sent off, back out into the world of “real-life” =D

L-R: J, B, me, and D after our graduation on May 4, 2014

L-R: J, B, me, and D after our graduation on May 4, 2014

(Sidenote: If you’re interested in doing this program you can find more information on the website, here, or by liking the facebook page, here. Room-and-board options are available for people who don’t live in Winnipeg and don’t worry, there is no age limit, you can have just graduated high school or have grandkids graduating high school =D).

Then it was May and I had no school and my siblings were still in school and my parents were working and I was only working part-time because my current job wasn’t able to up me to full-time for the summer and so I had a lot of time spent at home with just the dog for company… I watched three seasons of Chuck, two season of Orphan Black, lots of Primeval, started rereading the Hobbit (still going), and ate a lot of candy bars. One day I went out and went through the local mall and handed out resumes (for a second part-time job) and that went okay but I didn’t hear back from anyone for like three weeks… I had never heard back from the University of British Columbia where I had applied in December so during mopey-May I reapplied to the university I was at in 2012-13 as a backup plan having decided on a major I would take, but I didn’t want to go back there. I had changed my mind over the course of the year and I am no longer going to be going into film production or theatre (I’ll try to keep it as a hobby though because I LURV IT). I had decided to go into intercultural relations (that’s still the plan) but was looking into another local university for a course there. I’m a procrastinater, especially about important things so all through May, I didn’t apply.
Through all the procrastinating did come one good thing, I finally edited and uploaded a “music video” that us interns made back in February before we left to Romania

Also in May, I went paintballing for the first time at J’s cousins’ place with J and B and J’s cousins. It was pretty awesome! 5 out of five stars, would do again =D

Paintballing in style

Paintballing in style

And then we finished off the month by adding a thirteenth cousin to the family, baby Emmett came along for his older brother’s birthday (who was positively delighted) on the last day of the month.

photo 1-4

I’m the oldest, he’s the youngest, we should be pals.

June came along, I went to the Night Before our Stars with two friends and saw a few nerdfighter friends there as well. I loved the movie, smiled and laughed through the first half, wept through the last, and giddily grinned through the live show at the end.



I got called for three job interviews during the first two weeks of June. I was offered the last two and accepted my favourite (which conveniently I was offered first). I started working there last week. It’s a different pace and atmosphere than my other job but I’m enjoying it and getting the hang of things. I get to wear a headset so I feel like I should be reporting on really cool things all the time except that my ears are kinda tiny (this is a fact, my hairdresser laughs at me and says they’re cute) so the headset keeps slipping off.

I’m just gonna leave this here…

I finally got a letter from UBC, I was accepted, but since I’ve changed my mind on what career I’m going to head into I won’t be going there. I’m kind of disappointed in a way, I mean it would have been a blast, taking theatre!? I’d have loved it! But I don’t think that’s what I’m supposed to do as a career so I’m not going to pursue it as such. I finally applied for the other university and a week later heard back – I’ve been accepted and will be going there in the autumn to take intercultural studies for a BA which will take three years. The program I was considering taking originally when I started uni way back in 2012 was a four-year course so all-in-all I guess I’ll be in school the same amount of time as originally planned. It seems like a long time though; three more years. Once I graduate I hope to get on with a charitable organization and work overseas. At this point I’d like to minor in Communications/Media but who knows, that could change =D

As it stands, I’m working my two part-time jobs for the summer, sorry to be missing Vidcon this coming weekend but hoping to make it next year, and heading back off to uni in the fall. I’m recently really into rainbow loom bracelets (having been taught how to make them by my younger cousins a few months ago. I’m sooo the cool older cousin =D) and rewatching a bunch Starkid musicals.
I made a whole set of Avengers bracelets watching AVPS the other night:

It's the whole gang: Nick Fury, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Loki!

It’s the whole gang: Nick Fury, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Loki!

I’m still going to finish posting my Romania posts eventually, but as of today, I’m recommitting to a year of posts. I’ve now passed my first year anniversary (it was on April 3) but lets go another year starting June 21.
Maybe I’ll even actually complete the year this time… ;D

Well, until tomorrow *salutes*

Flights, Layover, and Delays

Today was the first day of 2014. I spent most of it in airports which I think is an interesting way to start the year: going somewhere, or to be more exact, going home… There’s so many ways I could read into this =D

We were at the airport on time, were ahead of the line through security, found our gate in the one-gate-airport no problem and then we sat and waited. and then the plane was delayed (but only by like ten minutes) because, well, the plane wasn’t there yet…

no plane...

no plane…











Once on the plane I went back to reading Allegiant (I made it through almost exactly half on the flights to BC so I wanted to finished it through the flights on the way back).


We had a three hour layover through Calgary so we landed and went on a quest for food. Amy waylayed our mission in a gift shop buying a gift consisting of (G-rated quote) “crap” (seriously we found, like, the strangest things in the shop…) and then the food mission continued. It was completed (for me) in the food court where I bought some (kind of crappy) pizza and a salad (with unedible croutons) but Amy couldn’t decide what she wanted. In the end we went to the in-airport pub and she ordered a poutine and a beer.

Poutine candid

Poutine candid















The poutine ended up being a HUGE plate of poutine, like a teenage boy couldn’t have eaten the whole thing on his own (okay, well maybe he could, if he was really hungry) but due to the HUGENESS I got to help eat it. I ate all the fries that didn’t touch the nasty ol’ cheese curds. I actually don’t like poutine. I do like fries…
So I picked through for the cheeseless fries sipping from my fastfood cup of root beer feeling slightly out of place in an airport sports bar… and then we migrated to our gate area to settle down and watch Chuck because I’m smart and packed season one in my carryon luggage!

Our flight ended up being delayed about forty minutes which meant I went on a search for junk food. I returned with a mini bag of skittles, airport prices hit you hard man…

I finished Allegiant on the flight home, we arrived at the airport and mum and dad weren’t even there yet because the roads were so awful because Winnipeg’s weather is the same temperature as Mars and there’s snow piles nearing/towering above my shoulder already (and we still have a solid three to four months to go! but hey, I’m not bitter about it all… *twitch*) When she found out mum and dad weren’t there yet, Amy, who was amusingly flustered at no one being there to meet us (I briefly tried to convince her we were at the wrong airport) said (jokingly), and I quote, “My life is ruined!”

Twas amusing… Mum and Dad arrived. Our luggage arrived. we drove home to our igloo through the ice terrain in our sledge pulled by mighty reindeer and were met at the door by our frantically excited tame house-wolf.

Then I finally watched the Doctor Who Christmas episode and wept (all though in general I didn’t enjoy the episode at all, Matt did such a great job, Matt’s great, I love Matt, I cried because now Matt’s gone)
I was excited about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, I thought it was time for a more visibly “mature” (read old) Doctor, but I didn’t like his few line and now I’m not sure I’ll like his doctor… Why doesn’t he know how to fly his own TARDIS? She’s his, his baby, she’s been with him through time and space since he ran away centuries upon centuries ago, she’s his one friend who’s always been there and now he’s asking Clara “how to fly this thing“? Not pleased Moffat… (I pretty much 100% agree with this article my dad found so if you care to read more not-pleased-with-Moffat type stuff, dig in)

Talk to you tomorrow!

New Years Eve

Had a bit of a lie-in this morning which was nice! We’ve kept so busy this whole wee, I was quite happy to sleep in a little bit, even if it really wasn’t much (compared to how much I can sleep in. All time record on a non-sick-day, quarter to three in the afternoon. That’s right, I am a pro. …at sleeping? I’m a pro at slee- you know what- nevermind…)

This afternoon some of us girls went and got pedicures at this fancy spa place (on the door to the spa instead of asking you to be quiet it said to “Use your Spa Voice”). Amy, friend C, Grandma and I went, (cousin T was going to pick up a friend a couple towns over who was coming to spend New Years Eve with us all)

A bit blurry but it proves we were there ;D

A bit blurry but it proves we were there ;D (L-R Amy, C, me)












I seem to have a thing for orange (see hair, favourite coloured jeans, grad dress, personal nail polish collection, etc…) so I went with, you guessed it…


Number 9















I just never have any luck with the names of colours….
(see previous “interesting” colour name)

After we were all painted we waddled out of the spa in our makeshift spa-flipflops and went back to G&G for a pre-New Years Eve party dinner (which ended up involving nine people, about five more than originally expected ;D) It was fun, we watched part of mary Poppins again (which subtitles for C because she’s from Norway and sometimes they mumble or talk too fast in movies and she doesn’t catch the words) but it was almost more fun with subtitles, I realized I never really knew the words to the chimney sweep song or Mr Banks’ “arriving at home” song and things made a lot more sense with the subtitles!

Grandma made a WONDERFUL dinner and afterwards the other left to pick some things up and we did some tidying up/final food prep things and we went out to meet up at the house with everyone else for the partay!

It was fun, when we arrived a game of Carcassone was just finishing, we played catch phrase, we played apples to apples, we had cheese fondue (I’ve never actually had cheese fondue before, only chocolate. It was pretty good! I prefer the chocolate though ;D). We wore party hats and us girls had 2014 glasses that we’d got free at a shop with our purchases yesterday. We watched the NYC countdown on tv and much noise was made to welcome in 2014. Then we drove the other “kids” back to their house (as few cars on the road as we could manage, NYE drivers can be crazy) and then we headed home and went to bed.

In conclusion, goodnight.

VanDusen Gardens: Festival of Lights

Today us girls got to go shopping with grandma because we got some christmas money that was burning holes in our pockets.

We drove to the nearest big mall (so not really that near) and shopped for like three hours. Now I was really good today, I shopped and I browsed and I was interested in peoples shopping. Normally I shop like a guy: I know what I want, I go get it as fast as possible and I get out as fast as possible. Three hours, I spent over three hours in a mall today.
I bought season 1&2 of Chuck (Lizzy, I’m hooked), Jane Eyre (2011), and Disney’s Robin Hood on blueray (we only have the VHS…), and a new memory card because it was on a really good sale after boxing day and I still haven’t found my old one…

But now I have a now one

So yeah, shopping, successful, oohrah.

After shopping we drove out to VanDusen Gardens where there’s a Festival of Lights, that is, a Christmas lights display all through the garden and you can walk through and it’s really pretty!

photo 1-2

Cousins. L-R: Me, T, Amy

Cousins. L-R: Me, T, Amy

A cool lookin tree

A cool lookin tree




















photo 4

photo 5

L-R Grandpa, Me, T, Amy, Grandma

L-R Grandpa, Me, T, Amy, Grandma


















































They had this one section where they had a ten minute show with lights timed to music which was pretty fun. That happened every half hour so we caught two of them.

So yeah, lights show with the fam today. Once we finished the lights we headed to the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. for dinner which was very tasty and I’m sure very healthy and organic =)

Amy and I just finished an episode of Chuck and tomorrow is out last full day here so we need to get some sleep!

Talk to you tomorrow (maybe, New Years, you know!)


Childhood Dream Fulfilled

Today we had church in the morning and a musical group, The Browns played some songs. They were pretty cool three of them play violin and those three and their mum (I think she’s their mum…) all sing too. They have a folky/country-ish sound, they’re good!

After church we went out for “breakfast” (lunch) with our grandparents and cousin T, her friend C and two couples grandma and grandpa are friends with. We went out to a pub (I know, I know! ;D) and I quite liked the food. They “adults” didn’t seem quite as impressed but my french toast was taaaaaasteyyyy!

Once we finished breakfasting we went to a nearby used bookstore that my family usually visits when we’re out here vacationing, and I found five or six books that I’d been looking for to complete/add to some series I have parts of.
I love used bookstores. I mean, I love bookstores in general used used bookstores, used bookstores have the smell, the must, the character. They’re pre-loved books in need of a good home. I was thinking while we were there, used bookstores always feel very safe and cosy: there’s nowhere as safe as a used bookstore =)

Eventually I was dragged away from the bookstore we went over to my cousins and hung out there for a while while they did some more packing and deciding who was bringing what to which home. Then T, C, Amy and I went and did something I’ve wanted to do as long as I remember vacationing to BC: we went to Castle Fun Park. In a nearby town there’s this castle-looking building called Castle Fun Park and I was always intrigued by it. What was it? It’s Grand Prix meets Ruckers. For those who have no idea what that last sentence meant, it’s an arcade plus mini golf and bumper cars and Go Karts. It’s preeeeetty fun! I won mini golf tied with T so that was pretty exciting…

Then we went back to T’s and ended up going to Grandma and Grandpa’s for pizza. Grandma’s a scrapbooker and for as long as I remember she’s been working on scrapbooks for each of us grandkids. THis evening we looked through our most recent ones which covered the high school years. They’re great! Grandma’s spent so much time on them. It was fun looking at each others book too and laughing at pictures or events that happened.

And now, to bed. Busy day tomorrow!

From Brunch to Universities

This morning was family brunch. my dad’s cousins with her husband and their kids and her mum and dad all came over for brunch. There was about 20 of us in all and I hadn’t seen my second cousins in years (like seriously, probably nearing ten years) so it was nice to see them again! I think us other cousins kinda weirded them out a bit because we were excitedly talking about Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch and the Hobbit and stuff and they don’t seem super into that sort of stuff… (maybe our enthusiasm kept them from joining in but they actually like all the things…? Hopefully!) Anyway we had fun, I hope they had fun!

We played a game called Spot It which was fun. It’s a speed-matching game, I’d never played it before but I like it! Veyr easy to pick up and good for all ages so that got a bunch of us playing! Then us cousins went downstairs and started watching Chuck from season 1 episode 1 (we’d watched some of season 4 I think it was, in the hotel but had no backstory). I’m officially pretty into this series now =D

Then, this afternoon my grandma very kindly drove my cousin T, Amy and I down to Vancouver to take a look around the campus of a university I’ve applied to (because I may as well take a look while I’m over here right?). My grandpa printed me a map of the campus so we could highlight buildings we didn’t want to miss, we programmed the GPS and away we went. The offices and buildings were all closed for Christmas holidays (just as we were expecting) so we drove around looking at the arts buildings and the residences and the general area. It seems really nice, very big compared to my last university (although almost any university would be big compared to it…) but I like it, I hope I get in =)

On the way home we stopped off for dinner and then dropped my cousin off at home and went out and rented Mary Poppins (we’re on a Mary Poppins streak, I want to buy the book now and read it!) Then Amy and I went to Boston Pizza with J and T and one of their friends and had pizza and a panookie which is a really tastey dessert that’s basically an oversized cookie with ice cream and caramel and chocolate sauce and it’s beautiful. Party in your tummy man.

So yeah. Now we’re up to speed, I may watch an episode of Chuck before bed. Sounds like a bit of a down-day is planned for tomorrow which will be nice. Resting is good 😉

Talk to you later!