Well the title sorta gave it away huh? Guess I coulda come up with a more vague one… Nah, big news can be abrupt!

Ryan and I are engaaaaaaged!

I thought maybe it might be fun to put up some blog posts now and then through the wedding planning process that has now arisen! But before that I should prooooooobably share the engagement story! (*Spoiler alert, it’s super cute)

So Ryan and I had a hike planned in the Whiteshell Provincial Park for Saturday March 11. The park is about an hour and a half away but we like to go out there when we can to do some hikes and had been trying to get a winter hike in since like January, but I don’t get many Saturdays off work. We’d also just gone two weeks ago to hike around a different area, so heading out there didn’t seem suspicious to me at the time!

We’d planned ahead where we wanted to go hike because it’s a large park and I later discovered that last Sunday Ryan had secretly gone out with his dad (never hike alone kids!) to scope the area out and pick his spot! So on Saturday we’re driving through the park and we pass a sign for one of the lakes and Ryan says, “Oh I think McGillivray Falls is just after this lake, can you keep an eye out for the sign?” (sneaky sneaky sir, you were there less then a week ago…) so we spot the area and go to turn in. Well the parking lot isn’t plowed and in a Manitoba winter if the parking lot isn’t plowed you’re not parking in the parking lot so Ryan’s going, do you think it’s fine to park on the shoulder here? Should we drive down and see if there’s somewhere to park? and I’m like, nah, shoulder is fine, we’re out of the way, it’s not busy, we goooood (He’d parked in the exact same place less than a week ago, sneaky sneaaaaky…)

So we kind of casually make our way through the hike, up alongside the frozen waterfall and Ryan is somehow subliminally directing me to his spot (I had no idea he was guiding me there haha I thought I was choosing our turns!!). So we arrive at this very pretty vantage point where you have a view out over the lake and can see the frozen falls down to the side and the trees lining the banks and it’s all pretty and snowy and everything and Ryan (who was standing behind me) says, “Look, someone’s initials are carved in this tree!”

I turned and looked and sure enough RW and BW are carved very clearly into the side of the tree we’re beside. So I was like, aww cute! (And in my head am thinking those could be ouuurrrr initials one day!  What a funny coincidence! Yes, I can take a while for things to click) But I didn’t say aloud that they would be our initials because I didn’t want to seem presumptuous, I mean, I’m a lady! Ryan says, “Like Ryan Watson and Becca Watson…” and something in his face or his voice checked me and it suddenly clicked what was happening and then he started getting down on one knee and then he propooosedddd to meeeeeeee!

And, of course, I said yes!

So there we are, our planned adventure for the day became an adventure for a lifetime!



This Is It.

Heyyyyyy friend! It’s been, let’s see now, well, umm, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Nearly five months?! Sheesh, my bad… So how ya been?

Summarizing the last five months could be tricky, lets see, I did keep cooking a bit, I know the posts dropped off at “E” but I made chicken broccoli noodle thing (F), pretzel buns with cream cheese icing dip (G), and Sloppy Joe Mac & Cheese (H) and maybe some other stuff but I don’t remember. I’m going to try and get back into weekly cooking, still ironing out my back-to-school schedule though.

But the summer was great! Mostly worked, but did get to take a trip to BC with mah boyfriend Ryan to visit with family and adventure down there for a bit! If you’d like to see some of what we did I did put together a video shortly after the trip

And since then school has started up again! Well for me, Ryan’s a fancy graduate with a grown-up job and everything (he’s my inspiration for what to be like next year, you see!). I am in my last year of school. It’s weird. I remember my last year of high school, it was exciting and incredibly nerve-racking all at once. There’s the excitement of moving on but also the emptiness of what is going to happen next, it feels like everything is so unknown. I’m getting feeling like that again now. This is my fourth year in university, I have the year mapped out until April when I wear the gown and funny cap and get handed a piece of paper and then I have absolutely no idea and when I start to think about that, it terrifies me. I feel so unprepared and inadequate.

Now I’m not saying that school has let me down and not taught me what I needed, I hope it has, but I am not confident that I’ll find a job, I’m not confident there will be a job, I worry I’ll be working 34.5 hours a week in a minimum wage job forever because why would someone chose me over someone else? I realize my instinct here is to say, “I wouldn’t.” and that makes me sad. Why wouldn’t I chose me? What’s wrong with me?

The other day my alarm went off and I opened my eyes after a night of tossing and turning. I couldn’t have gotten more than two hours “sleep” all night – the start of a terrible day, no? But a thought popped into my head. My boyfriend (who is a very smart man) has three things he tries to do (or would it be, be? Grammar… :P), Be optimistic, be patient, and no complaining. So I turned off that alarm and I took a breath and I decided, this is my day. No one can ruin it but me, and I say it’s my day and it’ll be just fine. And you know what, it was. It was very nearly a pretty good day actually.

So this is my year. I’ll try and blog bits and pieces of it but I know already it’ll be busy as heck so I don’t know how often I’ll pop in. I wrote out a list of all my assignments and due dates and oooh baby, this’ll be fun! But it’s my year, it’s going to happen. There will be no repeats of grade 12’s downward spiral to capital “B” Bad Times, these are sure gonna be some capital “B” Busy Times, but capital “G” Good Times too. We got dis, got a team of great folks to support and be supported by and we’re gonna do some cool stuff this year 🙂

– B

PS – I went exploring in the woods behind my university the other day. That was fun.

Admiring Autumn!

I go to school outside of the city and on our campus are some woods/wooded areas so on Friday I decided to take my camera and go exploring! Here were some of the results.

Mushrooms 2015Fort 2015Fort 2 2015Woods 2015Moss 2 2015Purple Daisies 2015Prairie 2 2015
























































Hope you had a good weekend!


Being Brave

Food doesn’t really seem the place for bravery to begin but it’s as good a place as any. I’ve been a picky eater ever since I was a kid. All of grade one I had the same lunch. Every. single. day. I couldn’t eat peanut-butter sandwiches, carrots, and apples for years afterwards – but it was safe. I knew it, I liked it, peanut-butter sandwiches and carrots could never go wrong.

Getting older I refused to try things because I “didn’t like them”. You can’t hate what you haven’t tried? Well, turns out you can… Being real stubborn helps keep you trapped in the box of not trying new things. I remember the first time I had pecan pie. I had never tried it before because there were nuts in it and I didn’t like nuts. Finally tried it. Yeah, like my favourite pie ever. Geez past Becky, it’s okay…

2015 is becoming my year to be brave. I made up my mind to try new things. I’m not sure when I made my mind up to do this but somehow I did and I’m getting less afraid of it. On Good Friday my family went out to a Vietnamese resturant with a couple other friends’ families. Now food that I don’t recognize has always been hard for me, I always ask, ‘What’s in it?” and I am literally asking you to tell me everything that’s in it so I know if I will like all of the ingredients. (Worth noting: this is not very practical when applied to everyday life…) So we get to a Vietnamese resturant. I’ve never been to a Vietnamese resturant. Yes, I’m 21, I’m good at avoiding things I’m scared of okay…? My friends’ mum motions for me to sit and says “Want some mango salad?”

I see no mangos on that plate.

I don’t recognize anything on that plate,

I don’t recognize anything on any of the plates on the table.

I sit down and say, “Yes please”

I think I tried every food on that table without letting myself have a second thought and I didn’t find anything I didn’t like.

I’m trying to learn to step out a bit, to let myself do things that scare my socks off, and it’s hard… I don’t like being scared. Sitting behind my computer in my bedroom is much safer. Eating only peanut-butter sandwiches is much safer. But then there’s pecan pie…

I’m learning to say “Yes, please!” and go with it. Grab Jesus’ hand and step out of the boat. He’ll keep me up if I find I can’t do it on my own. Courage and trust. 2015 is turning out to be a bit of an adventure!


“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables



Today the interns had a field trip/went-and-hung-out-together-for-the-afternoon (totally wanted to call it a playdate just now…). The four of us went to Ikea.

Now we’ve only had an Ikea barely over a year here in Winnipeg so the novelty hasn’t quite worn off yet. Also, the only guy in our gang of interns (J, pity him, we do) just moved into a new apartment and needed some furniture so we said WE’LL HELP!! and he (surprisingly) was totally up for the idea, thus a field trip was born.

Basically we bought, like, end tables and lamps and chip clips and stuff but hey, we got to point out all the rooms we liked best and debate on colour schemes for pillows for couches and it was fun! Also, frozen yogurt at Ikea is really tasty and I kind of wish I could have some on hand constantly. I’d be a very unhealthy person… (says the person who just ate almost a whole chocolate orange in one sitting…)
Soooooo yeah! and I should have but completely forgot to take a pic with my 2014 glasses in Ikea 😦 next time!!

Talk to you tomorrow!