It’s Certain Now

I’m graduating.

Some of you may know that my graduation ceremony happened over three weeks ago and be thinking, yes, yes we know, you actually already graduated, is it only now clicking?

Well I walked across the stage, shook the hand of the President of the university and was given a diploma holder, but three weeks ago it wasn’t certain I was going to graduate.

Now realistically it probably was certain based on where I was going into exams, but to be really, really literal, our final grades weren’t in yet so we had no way of knowing and I had one class, this oneeee classssss that was worrying me a bit.

You see it was an ethics course, Ethics in the Marketplace, and while a business course it was also branched under philosophy and the last philosophy class that I faced off with nearly got me. I just scraped through that one with a D and I honestly don’t know how I even managed that. It was required for my minor and heading in I didn’t know it was philosophy. The methods and arguments all seemed so confusing and it being an 8:30am class probably didn’t help a whole lot either. When I sat down in my first Ethics class in January, a required course for my major, and found out it was a philosophy course my heart sank. And then, to top it all off, 20% of our grade was reliant on participation. My last philosophy course had gone badly and I’d never taken a business course; I felt at rather a disadvantage.

A few weeks in, time comes round for the first assignment to be due and the instructions were a bit vague so I did my best and waited to see what my mark would be. The day the assignments were being handed back I logged online to peek at my mark before the papers came round and was floored to see I had a 0. 0%? How can you even get 0% if you handed anything, like literally anything, in?!

After class I went up to the prof because my paper hadn’t even been handed back and he was like, “Oh yeah, did I forget your email in my inbox? Whoops! I’ll get that to ya as soon as I can!” (Super chill guy, probably my second favourite prof throughout university. Has like flowing, shoulder-length, ringletted, white hair and a double piercing in one ear in which he always has a set of two hoop earrings. I say he’s the retired pirate prof)

So next class, before it starts, he comes and stands in front of me and says, “So we have a problem.” My stomach drops and I’m nearly panicking, did I do it completely wrong? Did I misunderstand everything? Am I going to fail? Am I not going to graduate? Am I going to have to stay another year for this one course? Whyyyyy crueeeeel worldddddddddddd…. Etc.

“Your assignment is really good! You need to speak up more in class!” Relief could have melted me onto the floor in that moment. And while the class did end up being one of my favourites overall it was still very challenging. I always felt like I was uncertain in what I was doing and yet my marks usually implied I was doing alright so the exam was going to be the final test (like, literally, cause it was the last test, but like it also determined like everythi-you get it, it’s a bad pun :P)

Realistically I could have gotten 0 on the exam and passed the course, not well! But passed. Well, my mark was entered into the system two days ago. I done good guys… I done good.

I’m graduating.


A Quick Heads Up!!

Hey folks! I haven’t posted on here in a while, long time no chat!

I’m still alive (I promise, ghost me is not writing this…) and I am back in school, year two! Here I come degree!! I am currently working at getting my Bachelor of Arts with a major in Communications and Media, and a minor in Intercultural Studies. One of my classes in my C&M major I get to do this project/assignment where I have to write and post a little mini article on a local/national/world event that’s happening or happened. That was a terribly worded sentence, I hope you understood that cause I’m not changing it. basically, I’m letting you know that for the next few months, every week day there’s going to be a little article on here about something thats happening in the world.

Also, if there’s any interesting things happening where you are, feel free to forward me some news articles to check out. A lot of the information I’m closest to is relating to Canada for obvious reasons, but if you’re somewhere else, I’d love to hear about what’s going on there!

So if you’re interested, enjoy the articles, if not, sorry bro, it’s an assignment and I literally have to do it.


An Evening of the Arts

I have this friend, Mandy, she’s like, pretty much my best friend. (Note: read that in a Napoleon Dynamite voice) She’s also OOBER TALENTED with artsy things! She maketh thee art! Now me, I can appreciate art, wow that’s pretty! I say and then I move to the next thing. Mandy, Mandy says Wow that’s pretty! and then she goes and draws it, or paints it, or creates something inspired by it and I’m just all,

amazed dr what rory

(Note: I react like the Doctor, Mandy reacts like Rory)










Today the school we both graduated from had a Celebration of the Arts evening in which the drama club performed, the high school choir “Outloud” performed, and there was an auction for the drawings and some of the pottery and glass jewelry the students of all ages (it’s a Kindergarten-grade 12 school) had made. Mandy was asked to contribute some art as an alumni because she’s, like, awesome! These are the pieces Miss-Amazing-Artist sent in:



253276_10152832952005385_1783580534_nMandy asked me to come with her this evening (so she wouldn’t be chilling all by herself) and it was a super fun evening! They had a fancy-smancy little cafe bar set up run by one of the young adults from our church (the school is a private school run out of our church) and they had all these tasty drinks! (I went for a chai tea latte myself)

The Outloud choir was amazing!! This was my first time hearing them perform and man, have they improved since two years ago when I was still in the choir! They get to open the service for our Winnipeg One Heart church service this Sunday (about 90 churches from around Winnipeg participate in a joint church service that we call One Heart.) This year One Heart gets to be the first event in the city’s new football stadium and the Outloud choir is going to start up the service! I’m so excited!! I mean, this school has gone from being teeny-tiny and unable to provide very many extra-curriculars due to lack of space and teachers, to having art auctions and having their choir perform at city-wide events!

Anyway, the choir was great and the two skits that the drama club performed were super well done. I was in the drama club with some of the students when I was in high school so it was great to see them performing again!

And then, the art auction! Every item got sold, hurrah!! In addition to the art auction some glass jewelry and pottery that the students made were sold and some of their artwork had been made into greeting cards!

The arts programs at the school are getting better and better each year. It’s so nice to see the kids’ talents being brought out of them in such a way. Our art teacher is phenomenal and she’s really good at bringing the best out of each of her students (she was also the high school English Lit teacher when I was in high school but now I think she just teaches art, but for a wider range of grade-levels).

Anyway, I’m really proud of my old school for taking such a positive approach to the arts and for encouraging them in all these different forms and for having this evening to raise money to better the arts program further! I only wish I was still in school to enjoy some of the new and/or improved programs!!

Talk to you all tomorrow!

To visit Mandy’s artist facebook page, click here.