And so twenty-two is done. I am twenty-three.

Some people have asked me, what’s so bad about 23? Why the fuss? And I know, I know, I was drama queening a little bit, gotta make a fuss around birthdays you know! Adds to the fun! But 23 does feel different for some reason. Usually ages don’t feel like a big deal, at least I don’t find them a big deal, but this one felt different.

I always wanted to be twenty-two. I think I romanticized the age a bit. I was born on the twenty-second, 22 was my jersey number in basketball, twenty-two was my mum’s age when she got married. It seemed like it would be a big year, a special year! It was my champagne birthday after all! #22onthe22 (and I’ve realized I had no champagne all year, this is what happens when you don’t really like alcohol all that much…)

And it was a great year! I finally hit a rhythm and completed my second year of my degree instead of changing my degree again, a wonderful boyfriend came into the picture, I made new friends and had great times with old friends, there was a road trip to BC, adventures in Seattle… Twenty-two was a good year, I enjoyed it!

But see, seven year old Becky would disagree. Seven year old Becky would have graduated by now and would be a teacher. Seven year old Becky would have gotten married this year. Seven year old Becky would be very pleased that I actually have dyed my hair red. (six year old Becky would be quite pleased with that fact too…) So I’m sorry seven year old Becky, red hair is the only part of your plan that will ever come to pass because I’m no longer twenty-two, the goal age has passed. I cannot fulfill your dreams in the time you gave me, but no, no I won’t say sorry for that seven year old Becky, because sometimes some things need a bit more time. You see life isn’t all as quick and easy as dying your hair. Life is messy and doesn’t fit into molds very neatly. The future is unknown, it’s unplanned, and it’s very unlikely to be uneventful.

Now I get to be twenty-three.



Today was my twenty-second birthday.

Twenty-second birthdays have become a bit of a phenomenon thanks to Taylor Swift’s popular song, 22 (x). It becomes an excuse to send links for this song to friends, to play it on repeat all day, to randomly break into song and sing it in public places, in a way one might say it brings people together.

When you say you’re turning twenty-two, often the first thing to pop into someone’s mind it that it’s your “Taylor Swift” birthday. For example, this morning one of my friends wished me a happy birthday like this,

My birthday is now directly related to Taylor Swift and between this person (be it friend, acquaintance, or stranger) and me there now exists a bond in the form of this song. We now have a conversation topic to break the ice, or a common passion to be excited about.

My birthday this year had a little extra T-Swizzle in it because you see, I was born on the 22nd. I turned 22 on the 22nd. I may have started using my own hashtag that some friends were then using when wishing me a happy birthday… #22on22 At one point are you celebrating your own birthday too much, you might ask? Well another question for another post…

Finding Rory

Last week my pet fish Rory passed his one year anniversary. I’d say birthday, but I don’t actually know how old he is… He is just a fish.

My past experiences with fish did not go well.

Example A:










Example B:










Rory is now the longest living pet fish I’ve ever had.

It was a traumatizing experience, my first fish. Coming home to find them belly up… Our family had never had pets before so not only were these my first pets, but I had bought the fish, the tank, everything with my own money – they were really properly mine. And they died.

I remember weeping (I was much too old for this to be an acceptable reaction, please bear with me) while walking home from the dentist (see, it had been a rough day) knowing that by the time I got home, my fish would probably be dead. That must have been when Buff died, as walking home in March in Winnipeg would have left the tears frozen to my face and my sorrow blown away by the stinging north wind.

For five years my fish tank sat in the basement. Unused, collecting dust. A testament to my inability to keep another living creature alive. It taunted me.

October 1, 2014 I decided I was ready. It was time to get a new fish.

I decided against goldfish, three was enough. Betta fish, I’m told, are incredibly hard to kill so I have hope for Rory to have a long and happyish future. He’s still swimming around, flaring at his reflection in the tank… Fish are kind of stupid.

Happy One Year Anniversary Rory, it’s been great! Here’s to many more!

Royalty-Free Birthday!

Everybody has a birthday. As humans we like to celebrate the progress of life and in many cultures that is done with a celebration on the anniversary of one’s birth. This celebration is frequently accompanied by a familiar song, the Happy Birthday Song, but until today that song was actually copyrighted and a fee had to be paid to use it publicly.

Warner/Chappell, the owners of the song since 1988 are estimated to have made $2 million a year on copyright fees and the next step in this case is the fight for Warner/Chappell to return some of their collected royalty fees now that the copyright has been ruled invalid.

So next time you have a birthday, don’t worry about closing the windows and drawing the blinds before singing “Happy Birthday”, it can now be a royalty-free birthday!

Use Your Words

I went to a friends birthday party today, we went to Skyzone which is a giant trampoline place and there are all sorts of things, individual trampolines, dodgeball games, volleyball, a foam pit to jump in and get lost in, it was a blast =D

 After Skyzone we went out to a place called TeaStory and had REALLY TASTY WAFFLES and it was wonderful… We chatted and had fun and it was a great birthday party. Super fun, good friends, great food (notice that apparently food trumps all in my life…) so yeah that was fun =D

I had a Biblical motto for this year that I had to put into practice for the first time today and I would like to note it here without any context:

Matthew 5:37 “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.”

I also have a John Green motto for the year:

This gif often descibes my reaction when needing to “use my words” but then John Green comes to me speaking words of wisdom…


PS – Not by text, never by text. Yes, Facebook messages count as texts. Write me a freaking letter, seal it with wax, and deliver it by carrier pigeon before you text me. As of 2015 I am done with being okay with text.

Birthday Tea Party

Today my mum and my grandma threw me a birthday party!

On Wednesday I turned 21 (officially an adult pretty much everywhere now…!) and this year I told my mum I’d like to have a family birthday party (like with extended family) so I booked the day of work and mum went at it!

I usually work Sundays so I rarely get to go to family lunches when they happen so it was lovely to seeee everyone again finally!

Mum made me a lovely cake decorated with Beatrix Potter candles that had been saved from my 2nd or 3rd birthday party (I grew up on Beatrix Potter, a stuffed Peter Rabbit was my comfort toy and I carried him around with me everywhere for years!)

Childhood flashback for my 21st Birthday Party, Beatrix Potter candles 😀

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My grandma got balloons…

They threw a shindig guys, they had a full English tea! Like we’re talking scones and devonshire cream, cucumber sandwiches, biscuits of every kid, etc, etc, etc… it was loads of fun!
I very rarely if ever have birthday parties (honestly, I don’t  actually like parties in general) even as a kid I wasn’t fond of parties, but when it’s just family its always fun!

So now I’m officially rung in as a 21 year old and being stuffed full of cake and tea party stuffs I have to go back to the dull life of schoool…

Thanks to Mum and Grandma though! You guys throw a great tea party 😉


L-R: Sister-Amy, Mum, me

Shall we try again?

So once upon a time I began to write a blog post every day. That was about a year and a half ago and I consistently managed to post for the vast majority of that year. Since then however, I’ve kind of fallen off the map. I’d like to try again if you’ll bear with me. I know I very rarely say anything overly interesting but I have a hard time journalling and I actually find it easier when someone might be reading it, the aspect of accountability but also of having another human know whats going on. A book can’t help when something has gone wrong, you see; people can.

So what’s happening at the moment?

– I’ve just finished my first month and a half of Bible college. I’m enjoying all of it except my main theology class as I don’t agree with the professor’s theology, but perhaps we’ll talk more on that another day.

– I turned 21 yesterday. It doesn’t feel much different than 20. I got the gifts I asked for though: tuition money and four really pretty editions of some of my favourite children’s books.

– I’ve concluded that I either have serious commitment issues or I make up my mind about boys very quickly because I’ve never gone out with the same guy more than twice. Unfortunately I think my social awkwardness and commitment issues are the main problems but that’s something I can keep working on… (third time’s the charm?)

– I made my bedroom “grow up” a couple months ago and took down most of my movie posters from when I was 14. I now have loads of photographs all over my walls.

– I bought a fish. His name is Rory and he’s a red and purple betta fish. I think he had ich a week ago and now he has fin rot so my record for killing fish within extremely short periods of time is threatening me. Perhaps I asked for it though, I named him after a Doctor Who character who keeps “dying” and then turning up again. I was hoping it would inspire him not to die. It seems to have inspired him to keep almost dying…

– At the end of August I died my hair bright orange-red ombre for kicks and giggles. It’s still pretty bright and I love it, my hairdresser did a fantastic job!

Well that’s enough for the moment, got to leave something to write about for tomorrow! I will leave you with this song that I stumbled across on tumblr (please excuse the language in the comments, but enjoy the Gandalf gif), I’ve always enjoyed music sung by Gregorian monks… (click here for the link to the song)

Have a marvellous morning/day/afternoon/evening/night/etc, I’ll talk to you tomorrow!


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