This Is It.

Heyyyyyy friend! It’s been, let’s see now, well, umm, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Nearly five months?! Sheesh, my bad… So how ya been?

Summarizing the last five months could be tricky, lets see, I did keep cooking a bit, I know the posts dropped off at “E” but I made chicken broccoli noodle thing (F), pretzel buns with cream cheese icing dip (G), and Sloppy Joe Mac & Cheese (H) and maybe some other stuff but I don’t remember. I’m going to try and get back into weekly cooking, still ironing out my back-to-school schedule though.

But the summer was great! Mostly worked, but did get to take a trip to BC with mah boyfriend Ryan to visit with family and adventure down there for a bit! If you’d like to see some of what we did I did put together a video shortly after the trip

And since then school has started up again! Well for me, Ryan’s a fancy graduate with a grown-up job and everything (he’s my inspiration for what to be like next year, you see!). I am in my last year of school. It’s weird. I remember my last year of high school, it was exciting and incredibly nerve-racking all at once. There’s the excitement of moving on but also the emptiness of what is going to happen next, it feels like everything is so unknown. I’m getting feeling like that again now. This is my fourth year in university, I have the year mapped out until April when I wear the gown and funny cap and get handed a piece of paper and then I have absolutely no idea and when I start to think about that, it terrifies me. I feel so unprepared and inadequate.

Now I’m not saying that school has let me down and not taught me what I needed, I hope it has, but I am not confident that I’ll find a job, I’m not confident there will be a job, I worry I’ll be working 34.5 hours a week in a minimum wage job forever because why would someone chose me over someone else? I realize my instinct here is to say, “I wouldn’t.” and that makes me sad. Why wouldn’t I chose me? What’s wrong with me?

The other day my alarm went off and I opened my eyes after a night of tossing and turning. I couldn’t have gotten more than two hours “sleep” all night – the start of a terrible day, no? But a thought popped into my head. My boyfriend (who is a very smart man) has three things he tries to do (or would it be, be? Grammar… :P), Be optimistic, be patient, and no complaining. So I turned off that alarm and I took a breath and I decided, this is my day. No one can ruin it but me, and I say it’s my day and it’ll be just fine. And you know what, it was. It was very nearly a pretty good day actually.

So this is my year. I’ll try and blog bits and pieces of it but I know already it’ll be busy as heck so I don’t know how often I’ll pop in. I wrote out a list of all my assignments and due dates and oooh baby, this’ll be fun! But it’s my year, it’s going to happen. There will be no repeats of grade 12’s downward spiral to capital “B” Bad Times, these are sure gonna be some capital “B” Busy Times, but capital “G” Good Times too. We got dis, got a team of great folks to support and be supported by and we’re gonna do some cool stuff this year 🙂

– B

PS – I went exploring in the woods behind my university the other day. That was fun.


New Years Eve

Had a bit of a lie-in this morning which was nice! We’ve kept so busy this whole wee, I was quite happy to sleep in a little bit, even if it really wasn’t much (compared to how much I can sleep in. All time record on a non-sick-day, quarter to three in the afternoon. That’s right, I am a pro. …at sleeping? I’m a pro at slee- you know what- nevermind…)

This afternoon some of us girls went and got pedicures at this fancy spa place (on the door to the spa instead of asking you to be quiet it said to “Use your Spa Voice”). Amy, friend C, Grandma and I went, (cousin T was going to pick up a friend a couple towns over who was coming to spend New Years Eve with us all)

A bit blurry but it proves we were there ;D

A bit blurry but it proves we were there ;D (L-R Amy, C, me)












I seem to have a thing for orange (see hair, favourite coloured jeans, grad dress, personal nail polish collection, etc…) so I went with, you guessed it…


Number 9















I just never have any luck with the names of colours….
(see previous “interesting” colour name)

After we were all painted we waddled out of the spa in our makeshift spa-flipflops and went back to G&G for a pre-New Years Eve party dinner (which ended up involving nine people, about five more than originally expected ;D) It was fun, we watched part of mary Poppins again (which subtitles for C because she’s from Norway and sometimes they mumble or talk too fast in movies and she doesn’t catch the words) but it was almost more fun with subtitles, I realized I never really knew the words to the chimney sweep song or Mr Banks’ “arriving at home” song and things made a lot more sense with the subtitles!

Grandma made a WONDERFUL dinner and afterwards the other left to pick some things up and we did some tidying up/final food prep things and we went out to meet up at the house with everyone else for the partay!

It was fun, when we arrived a game of Carcassone was just finishing, we played catch phrase, we played apples to apples, we had cheese fondue (I’ve never actually had cheese fondue before, only chocolate. It was pretty good! I prefer the chocolate though ;D). We wore party hats and us girls had 2014 glasses that we’d got free at a shop with our purchases yesterday. We watched the NYC countdown on tv and much noise was made to welcome in 2014. Then we drove the other “kids” back to their house (as few cars on the road as we could manage, NYE drivers can be crazy) and then we headed home and went to bed.

In conclusion, goodnight.

Childhood Dream Fulfilled

Today we had church in the morning and a musical group, The Browns played some songs. They were pretty cool three of them play violin and those three and their mum (I think she’s their mum…) all sing too. They have a folky/country-ish sound, they’re good!

After church we went out for “breakfast” (lunch) with our grandparents and cousin T, her friend C and two couples grandma and grandpa are friends with. We went out to a pub (I know, I know! ;D) and I quite liked the food. They “adults” didn’t seem quite as impressed but my french toast was taaaaaasteyyyy!

Once we finished breakfasting we went to a nearby used bookstore that my family usually visits when we’re out here vacationing, and I found five or six books that I’d been looking for to complete/add to some series I have parts of.
I love used bookstores. I mean, I love bookstores in general used used bookstores, used bookstores have the smell, the must, the character. They’re pre-loved books in need of a good home. I was thinking while we were there, used bookstores always feel very safe and cosy: there’s nowhere as safe as a used bookstore =)

Eventually I was dragged away from the bookstore we went over to my cousins and hung out there for a while while they did some more packing and deciding who was bringing what to which home. Then T, C, Amy and I went and did something I’ve wanted to do as long as I remember vacationing to BC: we went to Castle Fun Park. In a nearby town there’s this castle-looking building called Castle Fun Park and I was always intrigued by it. What was it? It’s Grand Prix meets Ruckers. For those who have no idea what that last sentence meant, it’s an arcade plus mini golf and bumper cars and Go Karts. It’s preeeeetty fun! I won mini golf tied with T so that was pretty exciting…

Then we went back to T’s and ended up going to Grandma and Grandpa’s for pizza. Grandma’s a scrapbooker and for as long as I remember she’s been working on scrapbooks for each of us grandkids. THis evening we looked through our most recent ones which covered the high school years. They’re great! Grandma’s spent so much time on them. It was fun looking at each others book too and laughing at pictures or events that happened.

And now, to bed. Busy day tomorrow!

Carcassonne and Mr Banks

So yesterday I finished off with us at Harrison and all of us falling asleep like good children. This morning we woke up and found Amy and cousin T had woken up early with Auntie C to go for one last dip in the hot pools. We dragged ourselves out of bed and woke ourselves up enough to head off to brunch. Man does this hotel know how to do brunch…

It was like a high-class Smitties or Perkins style breakfast but in buffet style. There were pancakes and sausages and eggs and hashbrowns and fruit and an omelette station (where you could pick your toppings and have your omelette made right there in front of you) and then there were the typical cereals and danishes etc for those who aren’t fond of huge breakfasts first thing in the morning. It was delicious and in a really nice dining room too with a great view of Harrison Lake (although it was a rainy day so we couldn’t see much of the view).

After brunch we packed up and Amy and I were dropped off at our cousins’ where we hung out and played Carcassonne for a while and ate Jelly bellies. That was fun =D















We then went to our grandparents place where we’re going to be staying. It was our first time seeing it, they moved earlier this year. Its really nice! We prepped some dishes for the family brunch tomorrow and then picked up some KFC for dinner. THEN, then we went to go see Saving Mr Banks and ohmygoodness I loved it! It was so good! Easily my favourite movie of 2013 (and yes I know that Catching Fire and Thor 2 and The Hobbit 2 all came out this year). It was beautiful. It’s the story of Walt Disney trying to get the rights to Mary Poppins from author PL Travers and it also tells PL Travers story (which is the inspiration for the story of Mary Poppins). Here’s a trailer:

but just go see it, really, it’s Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, it has no choice but to be amazing!

So we all loved that and then we stopped off at the cousins because Auntie C and Grandma had a couple things to do and cousin J had found his camp songs binder packing his room for the move earlier that day so us kids sat around the living room singing (*shouting; looking at you “Romans 16:19 says”) songs from when we were kids while he played them on his guitar.

After that it was home, discovering I could get into the neighbours wifi without a password and to sleep.

Done and done.




MERRY/HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! (no happy holiday wishes here! :D)

Today was great =) This morning we did our immediate family Christmas so mum and dad and my siblings and I did stocking and presents at home and then for the afternoon we went to one of my uncles and aunts’ house and had a big CHristmas dinner with my mum’s parents and her three siblings and their families, 22 people in all, half of which are under 12. It’s pretty crowded 😉

Christmas dinner was accelerated this year because Amy and I were going to British Columbia to spend a week with my dad’s side of the family (because we both had to work over the summer and didn’t get to come out and see them all). We had dinner and opened gifts and then Amy and I were whisked off to the airport! It was only a short flight over here but I’m halfway through Allegiant now so that’s fun (so far so good!!) We landed and were picked up by our grandma and one of our cousins, T.

We then drove back to their place in time to catch the wrapping up of their family Christmas fun and then Amy and I went over to our cousins house. They’re in the process of moving so it’s just my two cousins (and one of T’s friends, C) at their house right now so we were gonna have a sleepover party. Other cousin, J suggested we build a fort and sleep in it and we thought that sounded like fun! So we built, like, the most epic fort ever. We used bedsheets, chairs, coffee tables, bobby pins, and shoelaces to complete it and when we were down it took up the majority of the living room, could be stood up in at one end, and was easily large enough for the four of us to sleep in. (T’s friend C was too tired to join in the fort-buidling festivities).


J exiting the massive fort


in fort

Making our prettiest Christmas faces in the fort.  L-R: T, Amy, J, me



























Amy and T gave up on the fort an hour or two in but J and I stayed all night! We made it, we were intrepid explorers, we were- asleep. T and Amy couldn’t fall asleep. I was closest to the fire(place) so I was fine and J wanted it to be nice and cold so HE OPENED THE WINDOW and left it open all night. When we woke up it was FREEEEEZING. Okay, not freezing, I mean it’s only BC and I know Winnipeg winters, but it was not a comfortable temperature =D

It was fun though. We enjoyed ourselves.


In brief

Today my family came back home. They’d been away for a few days at my grandparents’ cottage for my brother, N’s, birthday. It’s nice to have them back!

We watched Lincoln this evening. I only saw a little over half of it, but I found it very interesting. Usually I only study up English history but it seems I may want to broaden my scope to include American history as well! (Canadian history is boring. Rule-following, peace-keeping country. Makes for a good place to live in but a dang boring history to study…!)

Anywho, talk to you tomorrow!