Well the title sorta gave it away huh? Guess I coulda come up with a more vague one… Nah, big news can be abrupt!

Ryan and I are engaaaaaaged!

I thought maybe it might be fun to put up some blog posts now and then through the wedding planning process that has now arisen! But before that I should prooooooobably share the engagement story! (*Spoiler alert, it’s super cute)

So Ryan and I had a hike planned in the Whiteshell Provincial Park for Saturday March 11. The park is about an hour and a half away but we like to go out there when we can to do some hikes and had been trying to get a winter hike in since like January, but I don’t get many Saturdays off work. We’d also just gone two weeks ago to hike around a different area, so heading out there didn’t seem suspicious to me at the time!

We’d planned ahead where we wanted to go hike because it’s a large park and I later discovered that last Sunday Ryan had secretly gone out with his dad (never hike alone kids!) to scope the area out and pick his spot! So on Saturday we’re driving through the park and we pass a sign for one of the lakes and Ryan says, “Oh I think McGillivray Falls is just after this lake, can you keep an eye out for the sign?” (sneaky sneaky sir, you were there less then a week ago…) so we spot the area and go to turn in. Well the parking lot isn’t plowed and in a Manitoba winter if the parking lot isn’t plowed you’re not parking in the parking lot so Ryan’s going, do you think it’s fine to park on the shoulder here? Should we drive down and see if there’s somewhere to park? and I’m like, nah, shoulder is fine, we’re out of the way, it’s not busy, we goooood (He’d parked in the exact same place less than a week ago, sneaky sneaaaaky…)

So we kind of casually make our way through the hike, up alongside the frozen waterfall and Ryan is somehow subliminally directing me to his spot (I had no idea he was guiding me there haha I thought I was choosing our turns!!). So we arrive at this very pretty vantage point where you have a view out over the lake and can see the frozen falls down to the side and the trees lining the banks and it’s all pretty and snowy and everything and Ryan (who was standing behind me) says, “Look, someone’s initials are carved in this tree!”

I turned and looked and sure enough RW and BW are carved very clearly into the side of the tree we’re beside. So I was like, aww cute! (And in my head am thinking those could be ouuurrrr initials one day!  What a funny coincidence! Yes, I can take a while for things to click) But I didn’t say aloud that they would be our initials because I didn’t want to seem presumptuous, I mean, I’m a lady! Ryan says, “Like Ryan Watson and Becca Watson…” and something in his face or his voice checked me and it suddenly clicked what was happening and then he started getting down on one knee and then he propooosedddd to meeeeeeee!

And, of course, I said yes!

So there we are, our planned adventure for the day became an adventure for a lifetime!



Chilling at Harrison

This is the first day in 25 days that I have not uploaded a video. It feels weird.

Okay fine, it feels nice.

I love doing VEDA and VEDUC and Vlogmas, etc but there’s always a significant feeling of relief when they’re done.

Anywho, still in BC. Today we woke up, in our fort of course, and my aunt came back to the house and made us all breakfast! Very nice of her! That’s one of my clearest memories of our summers visiting family in BC, Auntie C making pancakes for us, always a highlight.

After that we packed up overnight bags and our whole party drove down to Harrison Hot Springs. We’re quite a large party, Grandma, Grandpa, Amy and I, cousins J and T, T’s friend C and J’s girlfriend, and Auntie C and her boyfriend and his two kids. It’s super fun! We’re staying overnight (hence the overnight bags ;D) and all us “kids” have two adjoining rooms that we share and then the four real-adults have a room.

The hot pools at Harrison are pretty neat, they’re outdoor pool but they’re super warm and they’re mineral pools and I don’t actually know a lot about them but they’re cool =D

This evening we all went to the fancy restaurant in the hotel. There was a live band playing jazzy music (which was great!) and a dance floor in the middle and tables around the edges. Between courses members of our table would go hit up the dance floor and boogy around a bit before the next course. At one point Amy had been dancing with our cousin J and then they were coming back to the table and he was going to take out his girlfriend for a dance but as the passed this older couple sitting at a table by the dance floor the older lady jokingly asked Amy to ask J, “If he could handle two”. Amy being the social butterfly that she is stopped and had a grand ol’ chat with them (in the process explaining that she wasn’t being dumped but was his cousin). When she came back to the table she pretty much had a back story on them. She told J what the lady had said and for fun we sent the two of them back, Amy to ask the gentleman for a dance and J to ask the lady. They both accepted and our table was practically having conniptions as the lady taught J how to dance. It was adorable =D After the song they came back to the table and it turns out it was the couples 56th Wedding Anniversary that day which was super cute =)

Eventually our entire table was on the dance floor boogying to Twist and Shout which was really fun =D Then after dinner a few of us went back to the hot pools for one last soak and we went back up to our rooms. T’s friend C had her laptop with her so we watched a couple episodes of Chuck, which I’d heard of but never seen. It’s a pretty funny show, I might have to get into it =D

Then, very unexcitingly we all fell asleep like obedient children although apparently I practically crowded Amy off the bed…oops!


Wedding Shower

Today was the wedding shower for one of my good friends who I’ve known practically since birth. This is the fourth person within a year who is my age (or younger) and has gotten married. I’m super happy for them but I cannot imagine being married at my age, like WHAAAAA?

Anyway, obviously all us humans are different so they’re obviously at the stage when they’re ready to get married so I wish them all the best!

(but seriously guys, you’re making me feel old and like, grown up or something… ;D)

The bride-to-be and 4/5 of her bridesmaids

The bride-to-be and 4/5 of her bridesmaids












Talk to you tomorrow!