In Conclusion

Today marks the end of three months of daily (week-day daily) blogging for my Writing in the Media course. I’ve been blogging semi-regularly since April of 2013, in fact from 2013-2014 I did almost a year straight of daily blogging, so I wasn’t new to the concept when we began in September. There was of course more structure for these blogs as they were an assignment and that’s where the rub came in.

We were asked to report on events, or news stories, things worthy of being in “the media” and finding these topics proved more difficult than anticipated. I do not have cable, I do not listen to the radio often, I do not get a physical newspaper, and I’ve discovered that a surprising number of newspapers won’t let you read their articles online unless you pay a subscription fee. This narrowed down my options.

Even with limited resources, I really enjoyed this project. It was a good experience getting to see what it’s like to write articles regularly and to have to hit minimum word counts and such in this context. It did not change my mind about journalism – I’m still not fond of it and it’s not the field I would like to work in, but it did give me a better, though still very basic, understanding of what it would be like.

Planning to be Planless

Sometimes the best plan, is no plan. Spontaneity is actually something that is good for your health, essentially it means being more flexible and not requiring a strict plan that must be adhered to. Often people who crave structure see spontaneity as dangerous, however there is a difference between spontaneity and impulsiveness. Leon F. Seltzer from writes that “although a spontaneous act may be impromptu, unconscious, or casual, it’s generally seen as safe–rather than precarious.” (x) One does not generally get advised to be more impulsive in ones lifestyle, but recommendations to be more spontaneous are fairly common.

Spontaneity is known to make people more creative as well as generally happier. In the last few months I have been working on being more spontaneous and have found my stress levels to be lower and my general mood to be more cheerful. When you aren’t bound by a rigorous schedule there are less things to miss and fall behind on, leaving a less stressful life and more time to enjoy it. Going for a spontaneous walk or outing can not only be surprisingly fun, but a great stress reliever as things like exercise are known to reduce stress.

The Actor In Me

And now for your weekly The-Actor-In-Me update!

Today was a drama filled day (pun completely and utterly meant). The afternoon was our memory test for the play that I’m in. Now having only ever been in a drama club, we never had a memory test before we started blocking, we always were blocking as we memorized. I see benefits to both for sure, but this being a new experience I was a little nervous. I may have definitely sacrificed my midterm grade in another class focusing on memorizing scripts instead of studying enough but I think I can pull the grade back up in the rest of the term.

So we did the memory test. I think I did pretty well, I definitely need to polish it a lot more, but I have most of it down pretty well. After the memory test we got into blocking. In past plays I’ve been in the director has always just told us where they want us to be, what motions they want us to do, how they want us to stand. In this play we have much more creative licsense. I’m feeling a bit like a bird who grew up locked in a cage and now isn’t sure how to leave the cage even though the door is open. I get to have a major say in how my character acts! I get to choose (to then be director-approved of course) how my character is moving and behaving. It’s a creative freedom I’ve never had so I’m a little shy in acting on it… I think I’ll be able to get bolder as I get used to the idea. It’s gonna be a really fun play though, in blocking today I was loudly and rather shrilly yelling/talking/something right in someones face. Like literally inches from face so that was rather new, kinda fun!

Then this evening in my actual acting class we performed our autodramas. We had to write the five minute autodramas ourselves (of course, hense the auto-) and then perform them for the class using whatever props and stuff we needed. Mine was about how the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?” has effected my public speaking/performance abilities. I like to think it was a bit amusing… I may make a video of it in the semi-near future as I haven’t made a video in over a month and I already have it memorized. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll wait til I get my mark back ;D

It was really fun to see everyone else’s autodramas too though, some people were super personal about heavier stuff and some people got more into light-hearted fun stuff, but everyone’s was super good! I like this class.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Study-free Tests

Today in our class we did a “DISC” personality test and a Spiritual giftings test (which identifies which of the spiritual gifts from Romans 12:3-8 you are naturally more gifted in) to kind of get to know ourselves and each other a little better. Apparently I have a “creative”-type personality, which you know, kind of sounds accurate, and in the spiritual giftings test I ranked most “administrative” which also seems quite accurate as I quite enjoy admin things!

I like tests like that, they kind kind of confirm things you already know about yourself or they can bring to light things you may not expect in yourself. It’s just kind of fun really =)

I spent the vast majority of this afternoon and evening reading, my mind feels like it’s about to ooze out my ear… I probably should have started on the reading I have to get done by Monday before I did, there’s a bit more than I expected! But, I’ll get it done!

Tomorrow we have the orientation for an online class that we’re all going to be doing as a group so I’m interested to see how that’s going to work!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Depressed Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown



















I know the feeling Charlie Brown… In fact, I listened to so much sad music when I was like 16/17 that my mum almost went out of her way to find me happier music with a similar sound. Like cheerier words but still the kind of wistful folky feel (see JJ Heller’s music). So ya, Charlie Brown, I understand sometimes it’s nice to listen to depressing music, I feel like when I’m down listening to depressing music makes me feel like my down-ness is justified, like there’s a reason for it and it’s not just pointless.

I find sadness to be a very creative time as well and sometimes I would (or do) listen to sad music just to get into that creative mood. I like the human emotion of sad music, the idea that everyone is sad sometimes, because if you listen to it when you’re happy it can be kind of sobering and make you more open to seeing others who are unhappy and help them, but if you listen to it when you’re sad, it can make you feel less alone.
It’s comforting, sad music is comforting.