A Visit!?!

Today my brother and I got to go see my mum!! When she wrnt in we were told we wouldn’t be able to see her until she got home, she was only allowed two visitors to minimize any contact with germs as she’s on high immune-supresents as her body gets used to having a new organ in it. Without the immune-suppresents her body would attack the new kidney as a virus or invader and destroy it. So the immune-suppresents are a good thing, just not for my brother and I. My dad was obviously one of the apporved visitors, and the other was my sister who’s out of school and took the week off work.

So I had resigned myself to not seeing mum until she comes home (which could actually be as soon as Monday now!! exciting!) but then today I was texting her (gotta love technology) and she said, “The nurse said you can come visit if you want to” and I was like what, like now, okay I’ll come now!! So my sister came and picked up my brother and I and off we went!

Mum’s doing well, pretty tired and sore, kinda hard sleeping in hosptial beds and soreness is a normal post-surgery ailment, but she’s recoving. In fact, today the doctor told her her phosphates were low and she should eat some chocolate! She hasn’t been able to eat chocolate for seven or eight years now because her phosphates were always too high!! So dad got her a selection of things and she nibbled away at them guilt-free =)

Then this evening after I’d come home, my dad posted on facebook that my mum’s “blood clearance levels are now officially NORMAL! That means that [her] new kidney [(from my uncle)] is already cleaning her blood to such a degree that she’s getting the very same blood-test results that someone with a pair of healthy kidneys would get! Her nurse just exclaimed that she has never seen anyone reach NORMAL so quickly after a transplant! Thank you Lord!” So YAYYYY that’s exciting!! =) There’s still a ways to go with recovery but so far everythings good and God willing it will continue this way =)

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, they’re very appreciated! Talk to you all tomorrow!


Surgery Complete

Well today were my uncle and mum’s surgeries. My uncle went in first to have his kidney removed and then after the oporating theatre had been reset my mum was taken in at 11:30am. 2:20pm She came out, the doctor said told us the surgery went well and the kidney was working! Mum was in recovery for a few hours while they kept a close eye on her and now she’s in her room at the hosptial where she’ll be until probably Tuesday or Wednesday. She’s doing good, but very tired. My uncle is doing well too, has been quite chatty in reocvery I hear!! 😉

Thank to all the pray-ers and well wishers, we really appreciate it!!


Nearly Transplant Day…!

I uploaded a video today! Fancy that!


Also, my mum and my uncle have their surgeries tomorrow. My uncle is donating a kidney to my mum who has had kidney disease for over 25 years and has since had kidney failure and been on dialysis for years. Tomorrow, all that changes *cue dramatic music*

But in all seriousness, this is a really big deal, this will be giving her a new kidney which means when her body accepts it (which we’re praying it will happily do) it will then be working better than it has been in 25 years. That’s longer than I’ve been alive. For more than my whole life my mum has been ill, This surgery is going to make her better.
And I’m kind of scared, major surgery is a big deal, and I’m sure they’re nervous – my mum’s never had major surgery before and my uncle isn’t overly fond of needles and stuff (so likely surgeries too), but we’re excited, this is a turning point. Gosh, I’m hyping myself up here, but the last few evenings, I start thinking about it and I start to panic. I need to get a better hold on my imagination… Hyped up is better than panicing!! It’s gonna be great, it’s all gonna go well, they’re both gonna recover just fine. They’re young and healthy, it’s cool. But if you’re the praying type, please be praying that their surgeries would go well, that their recovery times would be short, and that my mum’s body would accept the new kidney!! Thanks friends! =)

(Left picture, L-R: My sister, my Mum, and myself. Right picture: my uncle)

(Left picture, L-R: My sister, my Mum, and myself. Right picture: my uncle)

Talk to you all tomorrow, POST-SURGERY!!

A Hard Day

Today was a hard day. Had a bit of a weepy morning and was going to call in sick for my work shift after church to help at home some more but almost all the other people who could’ve taken my shift were sick or injured so I had to come in. (It never rains, but it pours…) Mum went to the emergency room when I was at work which terrified me, I thought she must be dying. Thankfully it wasn’t because symptoms had gotten drastically worse, it was just that they weren’t getting any better and she had a fever so Dad decided it needed to get checked out by a doctor. Then they had to wait forever (seriously like over four and a half hours) to see someone and forever (over another hour) to get a bit of a vague result (some kind of infection) so on my end it was just waiting for news of what was going on and passing it on to people (dad’s phone kept going out of service in the hospital so it was really hard to know what was happening) and it’s really stressful being alone and feeling helpless (and I’d already cleaned the house so I started on homework as a distraction).

Through this all though, today at church and the responses on my tweets last night and today, I’ve really felt the support of friends and it’s been really appreciated! Thank you to everyone who’s praying for us and thinking of us. Hopefully the doctors will be able to give us a final answer as to what’s going on soon. In the meantime, mum’s got an unexpected overnighter at the hospital that she’s spending alone. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and pray for wisdom for the doctors as they try to find out whats happening in her body. Thank you again and again for all of your support and prayers! (feel free to keep in mind that every time I see you in person or you send me a tweet or facebook message about praying or being there for us, I’m probably tearing up and I’m not someone who shows emotion frequently, so if that’s motivation, then by all means…)

Talk to you tomorrow!

Praying for a Miracle

Just a quick post today, but if you pray, if you could be praying for my mum. She has kidney failure. She’s had problems with her kidneys since she was 19 and just over six years ago she had to go onto peritoneal dialysis. During that time while on dialysis she was fine, diets restrictions and the actual dialysis process had to be worked into everyday life but she was very energetic and to all appearances, healthy.

In the last month or so the dialysis seems to have run it’s course. It isn’t helping the way it was before, her muscles and joints are extremely tense to the point where going up and down stairs, or even just pouring a glass of water is very difficult, also one of her medications’ side effects is a cough that is causing her a lot of throat and abdomen pain. She’s had to go onto the transplant list but that can take almost a minimum of six months to get a new kidney.

We’re praying for a miracle. We have been for as long as I can remember. I believe that God can heal her kidneys and make them new so they work again, but I also believe that he can also provide healing through medical solutions such as dialysis or transplants. So we’re praying that God provides healing whichever way he knows is best. In the meantime we’re also praying for relief of the pain in her joints and muscles.

So yeah, if you pray, if you could keep my mum (and the rest of my family too) in your prayers, we’d really appreciate it 🙂

Talk to you tomorrow!

Weekend is HERE

This evening we went to a town about half an hour out of the city to join in with and help with a conference one of the churches there was having. It was a good evening, two good preachers talking about the Holy Spirit and then us interns got to pray for some people. There’s some more sessions tomorrow but I won’t be going to those, my mum’s not well so I’m staying home to help her out a bit (If you’re a person who prays, if you could pray for my mum we’d really appreciate it)

I’m really glad to be home again. It’s not that I didn’t like where I was staying or anything, I loved it, it’s great, the couple are super sweet and funny and staying with my friend is really fun, but there’s just no place like home, you know? I missed my family, my dog, and my bed. And now I have them all! (well, except for my sister who’s still galavanting across England, but hey, I’m not bitter at all! ;D)

So I’m expecting to do lots of studying and cleaning this weekend (leaving my mum at home with two boys for a week while she wasn’t well has changed the appearance of the house a bit, but hey, the boys think it’s “pretty clean” 😉 )

Talk to you tomorrow!