Nearly Transplant Day…!

I uploaded a video today! Fancy that!


Also, my mum and my uncle have their surgeries tomorrow. My uncle is donating a kidney to my mum who has had kidney disease for over 25 years and has since had kidney failure and been on dialysis for years. Tomorrow, all that changes *cue dramatic music*

But in all seriousness, this is a really big deal, this will be giving her a new kidney which means when her body accepts it (which we’re praying it will happily do) it will then be working better than it has been in 25 years. That’s longer than I’ve been alive. For more than my whole life my mum has been ill, This surgery is going to make her better.
And I’m kind of scared, major surgery is a big deal, and I’m sure they’re nervous – my mum’s never had major surgery before and my uncle isn’t overly fond of needles and stuff (so likely surgeries too), but we’re excited, this is a turning point. Gosh, I’m hyping myself up here, but the last few evenings, I start thinking about it and I start to panic. I need to get a better hold on my imagination… Hyped up is better than panicing!! It’s gonna be great, it’s all gonna go well, they’re both gonna recover just fine. They’re young and healthy, it’s cool. But if you’re the praying type, please be praying that their surgeries would go well, that their recovery times would be short, and that my mum’s body would accept the new kidney!! Thanks friends! =)

(Left picture, L-R: My sister, my Mum, and myself. Right picture: my uncle)

(Left picture, L-R: My sister, my Mum, and myself. Right picture: my uncle)

Talk to you all tomorrow, POST-SURGERY!!


Mum’s Home!

Mum came home today!! She’s taking medication for the heart infection she had and it’s improving. They’re still awaiting some test results but the Doctor’s said, as her symptoms and fever are gone she could come home and just come back next week to meet with the Doctor about the results! She’s still very weak and tires easily but she’s more energetic and more “herself” than I’ve seen her for over a month so I’m really happy!!! =D Thanks so much to everyone who was praying for her/us!

And I’m home too for Thanksgiving weekend, so there’s an extra day to sleep in! 😉

Busybusybusy = My New Life

Today was busybusybusy as I have a feeling my life will be from now on! Desi and I slept through our alarm (which I’m still not fully convinced ever went off…) and woke up twenty minutes before we had to leave to catch the bus soooooo that was fun.

Then we had theology class all morning. Learned about the death of Christ and certain significant points in that story and where they tie in to other things or have certain symbolic things attached. Quite interesting except it seems like today all of us were just so out of it. Our teacher seemed to notice and decided to let us go half an hour early. He actually said, “You guys seem a bit brain dead, I think I’ll just leave it there for today.” We tried. Sort of. Mostly. I took notes still…!

This afternoon we didn’t have booked for study though, we have trip prep because we’re going to one of the other churches we’re connected to in our province in two weeks so we’ve started prep for that. It sounds like we’re going to be running the children’s ministry program for the morning so we were planning the morning out for that, finding songs. I got to make a craft template for a lantern they’re going to make which was super fun!! =D


Lantern templates and test runs














Tonight I went to the hospital to see my mum with my dad and my sister (who arrived safely home very late on Monday after flight delays leaving Heathrow airport and a missed connection in Toronto). Mum was feeling much better today, stiffness is almost completely gone and sore throat and fever are gone. There appears to be some kind of heart infection but they’re still working out what exactly it is and how to treat it. She’s on some meds for it now so hopefully those will help. We’re continuing to pray for her, sleeping has been a bit hard while she’s been in hospital, and we’re praying that she will get completely healed so that God can blow the doctor’s away with a miraculous healing! 😉 (they’re already a bit stumped that all the soreness and the fever has gone away without any treatment. She’s just been on painkillers til the meds for the heart infection today) I’m also praying that she’ll be able to come home soon. She’s been there since Sunday and we want her healed/treated/healthy and out of there ASAP!

Thanks again to those praying!
Talk to you tomorrow!

A Hard Day

Today was a hard day. Had a bit of a weepy morning and was going to call in sick for my work shift after church to help at home some more but almost all the other people who could’ve taken my shift were sick or injured so I had to come in. (It never rains, but it pours…) Mum went to the emergency room when I was at work which terrified me, I thought she must be dying. Thankfully it wasn’t because symptoms had gotten drastically worse, it was just that they weren’t getting any better and she had a fever so Dad decided it needed to get checked out by a doctor. Then they had to wait forever (seriously like over four and a half hours) to see someone and forever (over another hour) to get a bit of a vague result (some kind of infection) so on my end it was just waiting for news of what was going on and passing it on to people (dad’s phone kept going out of service in the hospital so it was really hard to know what was happening) and it’s really stressful being alone and feeling helpless (and I’d already cleaned the house so I started on homework as a distraction).

Through this all though, today at church and the responses on my tweets last night and today, I’ve really felt the support of friends and it’s been really appreciated! Thank you to everyone who’s praying for us and thinking of us. Hopefully the doctors will be able to give us a final answer as to what’s going on soon. In the meantime, mum’s got an unexpected overnighter at the hospital that she’s spending alone. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and pray for wisdom for the doctors as they try to find out whats happening in her body. Thank you again and again for all of your support and prayers! (feel free to keep in mind that every time I see you in person or you send me a tweet or facebook message about praying or being there for us, I’m probably tearing up and I’m not someone who shows emotion frequently, so if that’s motivation, then by all means…)

Talk to you tomorrow!