I’m Going to be an ACTOR! of a sort…

Today was my first long day, at school from 8:30am-9:30pm. It was indeed, long.

However, it was also my first day of my Acting I class which was fun! I’ve never taken an official “acting class” I’ve just been part of the drama club at my high school in which we just learned what we needed to to put on the production we were doing that year. I did do that for four years though so I hope I remember a few things (it was already three or four years ago now, dear me, I’m getting old…)

It seems like it’s going to be a fun class. It’s not going to be easy, and I’m going to certainly need to step out of my comfort zone. Today was mostly just going over the syllabus and playing some “get to know you” games. We did trust falls off chairs. I’m not afraid of height but backwards trust falls off chairs into the arms of strangers is slightly nerve-racking – still fun! =)

We also are going to go see a play at the Manitoba Theatre Centre next month so that’s fun! We’re going to go see a play called Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike at it seems like it could be interesting. I’ve never heard of it before this year (Des and I saw it when we were scouting out the plays at MTC but weren’t planning on seeing this one so that works out as the cost is covered in my tuition for this class so I can pretend I’m getting to go for free!)

So anywho, by the end of this semester I should ideally be a better actor so I’m looking forward to that, I do love acting =)

Mum’s coming home tomorrow! See ya then,


Mysterious Illness

Today I am ill. I was alright through class but it got worse through the day and I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and evening, and not even attempting eating even though it was house-group potluck night because everything was tasting like sawdust and basically I’m sleeping until my body decides to behave and wakes itself back up.

Please give me lots of sympathy and chicken noodle soup and soda crackers and ginger ale. My inner drama queen thrives on it even though I may be dying of this mysterious illness… (read as “illness that’s probably just a simple flu”…)


An Evening of the Arts

I have this friend, Mandy, she’s like, pretty much my best friend. (Note: read that in a Napoleon Dynamite voice) She’s also OOBER TALENTED with artsy things! She maketh thee art! Now me, I can appreciate art, wow that’s pretty! I say and then I move to the next thing. Mandy, Mandy says Wow that’s pretty! and then she goes and draws it, or paints it, or creates something inspired by it and I’m just all,

amazed dr what rory

(Note: I react like the Doctor, Mandy reacts like Rory)










Today the school we both graduated from had a Celebration of the Arts evening in which the drama club performed, the high school choir “Outloud” performed, and there was an auction for the drawings and some of the pottery and glass jewelry the students of all ages (it’s a Kindergarten-grade 12 school) had made. Mandy was asked to contribute some art as an alumni because she’s, like, awesome! These are the pieces Miss-Amazing-Artist sent in:



253276_10152832952005385_1783580534_nMandy asked me to come with her this evening (so she wouldn’t be chilling all by herself) and it was a super fun evening! They had a fancy-smancy little cafe bar set up run by one of the young adults from our church (the school is a private school run out of our church) and they had all these tasty drinks! (I went for a chai tea latte myself)

The Outloud choir was amazing!! This was my first time hearing them perform and man, have they improved since two years ago when I was still in the choir! They get to open the service for our Winnipeg One Heart church service this Sunday (about 90 churches from around Winnipeg participate in a joint church service that we call One Heart.) This year One Heart gets to be the first event in the city’s new football stadium and the Outloud choir is going to start up the service! I’m so excited!! I mean, this school has gone from being teeny-tiny and unable to provide very many extra-curriculars due to lack of space and teachers, to having art auctions and having their choir perform at city-wide events!

Anyway, the choir was great and the two skits that the drama club performed were super well done. I was in the drama club with some of the students when I was in high school so it was great to see them performing again!

And then, the art auction! Every item got sold, hurrah!! In addition to the art auction some glass jewelry and pottery that the students made were sold and some of their artwork had been made into greeting cards!

The arts programs at the school are getting better and better each year. It’s so nice to see the kids’ talents being brought out of them in such a way. Our art teacher is phenomenal and she’s really good at bringing the best out of each of her students (she was also the high school English Lit teacher when I was in high school but now I think she just teaches art, but for a wider range of grade-levels).

Anyway, I’m really proud of my old school for taking such a positive approach to the arts and for encouraging them in all these different forms and for having this evening to raise money to better the arts program further! I only wish I was still in school to enjoy some of the new and/or improved programs!!

Talk to you all tomorrow!

To visit Mandy’s artist facebook page, click here.

A Ferocious Beast and a Wound

I have a tendency to overreact… At least my freakout today was aimed at the dog and not a person I guess!

Today Charley peed on the carpet for the first time since, like, January… I was pretty mad but I was like, Hey, he’s still a puppy. Stick him in the crate for a bit, clean it up, move on. If only.

I started cleaning it up and then decided to get him out of the way first so I went to grab him/herd him to the crate and he snarled and went to bite me. So I whacked him and continued to herd him towards the crate. Then he bit me.

Like really bit me.

Like blood.

And then my blood BOILED! (I really wish I had an appropriate reaction gif for that…) Because when I get full on angry, I’m glad I’m not on a reality show being followed by cameras all the time, like, I may have a problem except I have pretty good control over it until I am physically touched, ie: BITTEN!

So I was all, Oh ya? You wanna go there?!

Except I wasn’t cool about it, I screamed a full on oh-no-you-didn’t-now-I’m-about-to-kill-you scream. (I then realized the window had been open and hoped the neighbours wouldn’t call the cops for suspected domestic abuse…)

So I tried to corner him. For twenty minutes. While holding a tissue to my bleeding arm. And about half way through I burst into tears because I had a headache all day, work was crap, my arm was bleeding and I don’t like blood, and my dog was snarling and snapping at me like some kind of possessed creature AND ALL I WANTED WAS TO FINISH THE EPISODE OF DOCTOR WHO I WAS WATCHING!! (It was the latest one by the way, “The Crimson Horror”)

So about four tissues later (three being for my nose and eyes) I managed to crate the beast and then crazy disinfect/clean/bandage my gaping wound (about half the size of a pinky finger nail) and then I went to finish Doctor Who.

However due to that incident I have been doing nothing all evening but eat ice cream and smarties (all that was on hand) and watch “The Emperor’s New Groove”, hence the themed reaction gifs…

Soooooooooo tomorrow I have to pay rent because my room looks like a cyclone lived in it for the month of April. Basically, you can pretty much only see the bed and the spot on my desk where my laptop would be if it wasn’t on my lap soooooooo,

Talk to you tomorrow!