MERRY/HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! (no happy holiday wishes here! :D)

Today was great =) This morning we did our immediate family Christmas so mum and dad and my siblings and I did stocking and presents at home and then for the afternoon we went to one of my uncles and aunts’ house and had a big CHristmas dinner with my mum’s parents and her three siblings and their families, 22 people in all, half of which are under 12. It’s pretty crowded 😉

Christmas dinner was accelerated this year because Amy and I were going to British Columbia to spend a week with my dad’s side of the family (because we both had to work over the summer and didn’t get to come out and see them all). We had dinner and opened gifts and then Amy and I were whisked off to the airport! It was only a short flight over here but I’m halfway through Allegiant now so that’s fun (so far so good!!) We landed and were picked up by our grandma and one of our cousins, T.

We then drove back to their place in time to catch the wrapping up of their family Christmas fun and then Amy and I went over to our cousins house. They’re in the process of moving so it’s just my two cousins (and one of T’s friends, C) at their house right now so we were gonna have a sleepover party. Other cousin, J suggested we build a fort and sleep in it and we thought that sounded like fun! So we built, like, the most epic fort ever. We used bedsheets, chairs, coffee tables, bobby pins, and shoelaces to complete it and when we were down it took up the majority of the living room, could be stood up in at one end, and was easily large enough for the four of us to sleep in. (T’s friend C was too tired to join in the fort-buidling festivities).


J exiting the massive fort


in fort

Making our prettiest Christmas faces in the fort.  L-R: T, Amy, J, me



























Amy and T gave up on the fort an hour or two in but J and I stayed all night! We made it, we were intrepid explorers, we were- asleep. T and Amy couldn’t fall asleep. I was closest to the fire(place) so I was fine and J wanted it to be nice and cold so HE OPENED THE WINDOW and left it open all night. When we woke up it was FREEEEEZING. Okay, not freezing, I mean it’s only BC and I know Winnipeg winters, but it was not a comfortable temperature =D

It was fun though. We enjoyed ourselves.