An Update on Mum

So tomorrow it’ll have been four weeks since mum’s kidney transplant. Since the transplant I have been a tad negligent in posting updates. When people see me in person I get many of the same questions which isn’t an issue of course, but does make me realize I should probably answer some of them en masse. So here are a few Frequently Asked Questions: an interview with my mum. (Anything “in quotes” is me asking something)

Are you feeling better?

From immediately after the surgery? Yes.
“What about compared to before the surgery?” Well, I’d say I’m still recovering from the surgery, not quite back up to speed yet.

If everything healing properly? What do the doctors say?

Yes everything is healing very well, my blood work is very good. The kidney is functioning happily.

What food are you enjoying most now that you’re able to eat everything?

Dairy (“More specifically?” Milk, cheese, yogurt), chocolate, whole grains, chocolate.
“Chocolate twice eh?” Oh, take one out then! “Nope, you really like chocolate… =D”

Can you eat everything or are there still foods you can’t eat?

Yup, I’m still supposed to watch my sodium (because everyone should watch their sodium! say that!), but my limit is now three times what it used to be.

Is the arthritis less/better?

Its fine. They’re hoping I’ll be able to come off my arthritis medications soon because some of the anti-rejection drugs are also used to treat arthritis.

Are their any bad side effects?

There are some side effects, it hasn’t been too bad but they’re still adjusting dosages to adjust side effects. I’m still on a fairly high dosage so the side effects are stronger.

Are you bored?

Not very often, I quite like quiet activities, but feel kind of out of the loop.
“What kind of quiet activities have you been doing?” Puzzles, reading, crosswords, now I can do a little bit of housework and cooking.

When can you come out in public?

Well, I go to the hospital wearing a mask twice a week (it used to be every day). They’re still not sure when I can come out in public because it is still winter and this has been a bad flu season.* The original estimate of two months still stands which is four more weeks. I’m hoping for Easter!

*Mum is on quite strong immune-suppressant drugs to keep her body from attacking the new kidney while it adjusts. This means that she is more susceptible to illness and has to be very careful. Lots of hand washing at our house!!

How is your brother (the donor) doing?

My brother is doing great. He just got back from a week in Mexico soaking up the rays!


Thus concludes our FAQ interview with mum, she’d like to say, “Thanks for all the prayers and care, I look forward to seeing you all again soon!”

I would like to echo her thanks, thank you all very much for the prayers and support and wellwishes you’ve been sending our way, it’s been much appreciated!


(because who doesn’t want to be thanked by Zac Efron?)


Lungs? Who needs ’em?

I have been ill for about a week now. I think I’m on the upward swing, but every time I say that I wake up feeling as though I’ve been run over by a bus sooo…

I leave for Romania in week. I’ll be gone a month. I’m getting increasingly nervous but am still excited. It’s going to be very out of my comfort zone and I’m kind of worried because there’s soooooo many unknowns everywhere but I will survive and I will grow and most importantly I will be a help and a blessing to those we’re working with and those we’re going to meet and yeah.

I’m going to go hack my lungs out now. Breathing’s overrated anyway…

Mysterious Illness

Today I am ill. I was alright through class but it got worse through the day and I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and evening, and not even attempting eating even though it was house-group potluck night because everything was tasting like sawdust and basically I’m sleeping until my body decides to behave and wakes itself back up.

Please give me lots of sympathy and chicken noodle soup and soda crackers and ginger ale. My inner drama queen thrives on it even though I may be dying of this mysterious illness… (read as “illness that’s probably just a simple flu”…)