Walk your friends home. Virtually.

Many people don’t feel safe walking home alone, especially at night, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. People will carry mace spray, rape whistles, or simply their keys in order to help them to feel safer. Being alone at night and knowing that no one knows exactly where you are can be a scary feeling.

Thankfully, there’s an app for that.

The free Companion: Never Walk Alone app allows you to log your destination and choose one of your phone contacts to act as your companion. Your contact, who does not necessarily need to download the app themself, can then virtually walk you home with the use of a GPS map. An alert will be triggered on your phone by any sudden movements such as those that could occur if you were to fall, start running, or have your headphones pulled out. If the user does not respond to the notification within fifteen seconds, the companion has the ability to call 911 and provide your location, while your phone will begin to emit an alarm in an effort to scare away any attackers.

This app will allow many parents, roommates and friends to rest easy, enabling them to walk their loved one home. This app is available for download to both android and apple phones.


January 8th

Today we celebrated our first annual January 8th.

Now you may be thinking one or both of two things:
a) Becky, it’s not January 8th.
b) Becky, January 8th happens every year already. What do you mean it’s the first annual January 8th, you imbecile?

Okay, so I could have been more explicit – and geez man, imbecile, really? That’s kinda harsh don’t’cha think..? – Anyway, January 8th 2015 was mum’s transplant day and we’re making it an annual holiday. My siblings and I have never known a healthy version of our mum, she’s had kidney problems for 25 years so we’ve all grown up with this as part of our lives AND NOW IT IS ALL CHANGING!! (*cue dramatic music*)

A prayer for her healing has been my most commonly prayed prayer ever and through it I’ve come to a full understanding of the point that God always answers our prayers, always. He gives one of three answers: “yes”, “no”, or “not yet”, and he always answers in his time and his way – not always word for word of what we pray for. We have a very limited view of our lives and the world, but he sees the big picture. I prayed for 21 years (okay more like 17 or something, surprisingly I wasn’t born talking) that God would miraculously heal my mum’s natural kidneys but the answer was always “no” or “not yet” (I didn’t know which). January 8th I learned it had been a “not yet” that became a “yes”, and that God answered in a way I hadn’t considered growing up. God answered and through the wait I think he’s caused our family to grow both together and with him. It was kinda rough sometimes but it was good, it was all part of THE MASTER PLAN (*maniacal laughter*)

Mum arrived back home this past Tuesday afternoon and has been doing really great. Her kidney is working just as well, if not better, than some people’s who have two healthy kidneys and being home is helping as she relaxes into the full recovery process. The most obvious adjustments at the moment (other than not having to do dialysis of course) are the dietary changes. Everything that’s been off limits for the last eight years is back on the menu! Yesterday I texted her from school to see how she was doing and got this in reply:

So everything’s going pretty well =D (However, her arthritis has been acting up a little bit in her joints so if you’re a praying person, if you want to keep praying for that alongside recovery, we’d appreciate it! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!)

For our first annual January 8th party we ordered in pizza (something I don’t recall having ever done in my lifetime, even before dietary restrictions) and had pizza and cheesecake and watched the tv show “Happy Days”. It was pretty great. The fam is now watching Guardians of the Galaxy again (it’s becoming a family favourite =D) but I left partway through to get ready for bed. I have an early start again with school in the morning and my headaches are starting to warn me that I’d better start getting more sleep, so I’m off!

First January 8th was a success, future January 8th’s will (probably) be celebrated on January 8th, and I have to wake up before 6am tomorrow so GOODNIGHT HAVE GOOD LIVES TALK TO YOU TOMORROW!

Nearly Transplant Day…!

I uploaded a video today! Fancy that!


Also, my mum and my uncle have their surgeries tomorrow. My uncle is donating a kidney to my mum who has had kidney disease for over 25 years and has since had kidney failure and been on dialysis for years. Tomorrow, all that changes *cue dramatic music*

But in all seriousness, this is a really big deal, this will be giving her a new kidney which means when her body accepts it (which we’re praying it will happily do) it will then be working better than it has been in 25 years. That’s longer than I’ve been alive. For more than my whole life my mum has been ill, This surgery is going to make her better.
And I’m kind of scared, major surgery is a big deal, and I’m sure they’re nervous – my mum’s never had major surgery before and my uncle isn’t overly fond of needles and stuff (so likely surgeries too), but we’re excited, this is a turning point. Gosh, I’m hyping myself up here, but the last few evenings, I start thinking about it and I start to panic. I need to get a better hold on my imagination… Hyped up is better than panicing!! It’s gonna be great, it’s all gonna go well, they’re both gonna recover just fine. They’re young and healthy, it’s cool. But if you’re the praying type, please be praying that their surgeries would go well, that their recovery times would be short, and that my mum’s body would accept the new kidney!! Thanks friends! =)

(Left picture, L-R: My sister, my Mum, and myself. Right picture: my uncle)

(Left picture, L-R: My sister, my Mum, and myself. Right picture: my uncle)

Talk to you all tomorrow, POST-SURGERY!!

In Bethlehem, “Live” with a Guest – VEDDEC 12

Bethlehem Live is put on by my church in Winnipeg (Gateway Church: 851 Panet Rd) and this is our ninth year putting on this amazing, interactive, live nativity!

Check out our facebook page for more info and pictures: https://www.facebook.com/WinnipegBethlehemLive

My “Actorless” Tour of Bethlehem video from 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnYWxhyQUVU



So I’m editing a friend’s essay. (editing is something I really enjoy doing)
She had posted on a social media site that she wondered if a friend would edit it for her and she was thanking some people for offering it but said she’d rather it was someone she knew who edited it, and I mean, I only met her a month ago but I thought I’d offer and she took me up on it and I feel all happy!! Like getting someone to edit an essay, that’s a certain level of trust there! (I tend to have a lot of doubt in my ability to make/keep friends, so little things like this are a big deal to me okay?!)

I’m enjoying this (although editing online is tricky. Passing on changes and stuff, not being able to make marks on a physical page… it’s a whole new form of editing ;D)


New Video: Roadtripping!

Yesterday I uploaded a video but forgot to pop it in here! It’s from when my buddy Suzanne and I roadtripped down to our friend Aila’s wedding. (actually technically it’s the way home…)

We had fun, it was kinda enjoyable being stuck in a car for up to eleven hours at a time with Suzanne. We had a lot of time to get to know each other better! Suzanne, I hope we can still be friends. Did I go a little stir crazy? Well, that is, did I go TOO stir crazy? ;D

Here, attempt to keep up with the crazy:


Back home!

Home safe, the wedding was lovely! Somehow driving all day made for a more exhausting day than any of the others so…that’s fun. 11 hour drives through the prairie aren’t the most excited but Suzanne (my friend who I went down with) and I had fun! I may have gotten her hooked on the tv show “Leverage” =D

Congrats to Aila and Josh on their wedding on Sunday! It was lovely you guys, may God bless you in your marriage!














Talk to you tomorrow!