January 8th

Today we celebrated our first annual January 8th.

Now you may be thinking one or both of two things:
a) Becky, it’s not January 8th.
b) Becky, January 8th happens every year already. What do you mean it’s the first annual January 8th, you imbecile?

Okay, so I could have been more explicit – and geez man, imbecile, really? That’s kinda harsh don’t’cha think..? – Anyway, January 8th 2015 was mum’s transplant day and we’re making it an annual holiday. My siblings and I have never known a healthy version of our mum, she’s had kidney problems for 25 years so we’ve all grown up with this as part of our lives AND NOW IT IS ALL CHANGING!! (*cue dramatic music*)

A prayer for her healing has been my most commonly prayed prayer ever and through it I’ve come to a full understanding of the point that God always answers our prayers, always. He gives one of three answers: “yes”, “no”, or “not yet”, and he always answers in his time and his way – not always word for word of what we pray for. We have a very limited view of our lives and the world, but he sees the big picture. I prayed for 21 years (okay more like 17 or something, surprisingly I wasn’t born talking) that God would miraculously heal my mum’s natural kidneys but the answer was always “no” or “not yet” (I didn’t know which). January 8th I learned it had been a “not yet” that became a “yes”, and that God answered in a way I hadn’t considered growing up. God answered and through the wait I think he’s caused our family to grow both together and with him. It was kinda rough sometimes but it was good, it was all part of THE MASTER PLAN (*maniacal laughter*)

Mum arrived back home this past Tuesday afternoon and has been doing really great. Her kidney is working just as well, if not better, than some people’s who have two healthy kidneys and being home is helping as she relaxes into the full recovery process. The most obvious adjustments at the moment (other than not having to do dialysis of course) are the dietary changes. Everything that’s been off limits for the last eight years is back on the menu! Yesterday I texted her from school to see how she was doing and got this in reply:

So everything’s going pretty well =D (However, her arthritis has been acting up a little bit in her joints so if you’re a praying person, if you want to keep praying for that alongside recovery, we’d appreciate it! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!)

For our first annual January 8th party we ordered in pizza (something I don’t recall having ever done in my lifetime, even before dietary restrictions) and had pizza and cheesecake and watched the tv show “Happy Days”. It was pretty great. The fam is now watching Guardians of the Galaxy again (it’s becoming a family favourite =D) but I left partway through to get ready for bed. I have an early start again with school in the morning and my headaches are starting to warn me that I’d better start getting more sleep, so I’m off!

First January 8th was a success, future January 8th’s will (probably) be celebrated on January 8th, and I have to wake up before 6am tomorrow so GOODNIGHT HAVE GOOD LIVES TALK TO YOU TOMORROW!


Mum’s Home!

Mum came home today!! She’s taking medication for the heart infection she had and it’s improving. They’re still awaiting some test results but the Doctor’s said, as her symptoms and fever are gone she could come home and just come back next week to meet with the Doctor about the results! She’s still very weak and tires easily but she’s more energetic and more “herself” than I’ve seen her for over a month so I’m really happy!!! =D Thanks so much to everyone who was praying for her/us!

And I’m home too for Thanksgiving weekend, so there’s an extra day to sleep in! 😉

Busybusybusy = My New Life

Today was busybusybusy as I have a feeling my life will be from now on! Desi and I slept through our alarm (which I’m still not fully convinced ever went off…) and woke up twenty minutes before we had to leave to catch the bus soooooo that was fun.

Then we had theology class all morning. Learned about the death of Christ and certain significant points in that story and where they tie in to other things or have certain symbolic things attached. Quite interesting except it seems like today all of us were just so out of it. Our teacher seemed to notice and decided to let us go half an hour early. He actually said, “You guys seem a bit brain dead, I think I’ll just leave it there for today.” We tried. Sort of. Mostly. I took notes still…!

This afternoon we didn’t have booked for study though, we have trip prep because we’re going to one of the other churches we’re connected to in our province in two weeks so we’ve started prep for that. It sounds like we’re going to be running the children’s ministry program for the morning so we were planning the morning out for that, finding songs. I got to make a craft template for a lantern they’re going to make which was super fun!! =D


Lantern templates and test runs














Tonight I went to the hospital to see my mum with my dad and my sister (who arrived safely home very late on Monday after flight delays leaving Heathrow airport and a missed connection in Toronto). Mum was feeling much better today, stiffness is almost completely gone and sore throat and fever are gone. There appears to be some kind of heart infection but they’re still working out what exactly it is and how to treat it. She’s on some meds for it now so hopefully those will help. We’re continuing to pray for her, sleeping has been a bit hard while she’s been in hospital, and we’re praying that she will get completely healed so that God can blow the doctor’s away with a miraculous healing! 😉 (they’re already a bit stumped that all the soreness and the fever has gone away without any treatment. She’s just been on painkillers til the meds for the heart infection today) I’m also praying that she’ll be able to come home soon. She’s been there since Sunday and we want her healed/treated/healthy and out of there ASAP!

Thanks again to those praying!
Talk to you tomorrow!

Update: School and Mum

So yesterday was our first day in theology class. We’re working on unpacking, Who is Jesus? (and why does it matter?) Yesterday and today we’ve been talking about the biblical support for the fact that Jesus was simultaneously both fully God and fully man. My brain kind of hurts… But it’s very interesting seeing all the connections between Old and New Testament.

In the evenings we’ve also been having some classes, that were open to the whole church, on unpacking the gospel of Mark. These have also been really interesting. I like seeing all the connections between things but I’m still working on getting it all sorted out to be able to be understood in my brain.

Both this afternoon and yesterday afternoon I had off for “study” so I went to go see my mum who is still in the hospital. Yesterday (Monday) she was still in the observation ward of emergency so it was loud, crowded, the bed was uncomfortable and she really wasn’t feeling great. It was really hard to see her there, actually it was hardest to leave her there alone when I had to go home. But, yesterday evening they were able to move her into an actual room on a ward so that’s better. (even though it’s shared it’s much nicer than emergency!!) They’ve taken her off tylenol though to see if some of her symptoms are actually a kind of rare side-effect to the medicine, so she didn’t have a great sleep last night because she wasn’t on any pain meds for her muscle cramping. They were planning on trying a different med for pain tonight though so hopefully that will help.

As for the infection that they believe her body is fighting, they detected a very slight heart murmur today and are going to be doing more tests tomorrow to see if there’s possibly some kind of infection around her heart. If that is confirmed they should be able to start treating it. If it’s not, they’ll keep looking. They’re still doing lots of blood tests and stuff but, obviously, aren’t sure what it actually is making her feel sick.

Her fever was down today and when I visited her she was much more cheerful and mobile, we walked around a bit which she would not have been able to do yesterday! She’d had a lot of visitors though (my sister and grandparents just got home from a month-long trip in England yesterday so they stopped by as well as some other friends and family) so she was pretty tired, when I left she was going to settle down for a nap. My aunt and a family friend work also in the hospital where she is right now so they pop in periodically throughout the day to check up on her and pull strings if they need to 😉

It’s still hard to see her there, and it’s hard knowing that though the doctors are doing their best, she’s been there three days and they don’t know what it is that’s wrong. I think it’s mostly the not-knowing that scares me. We don’t actually know how serious it is because we’ve no idea what it is! It’s the waiting, the trusting-that-God-is-still-in-control-and-knows-what-he’s-doing side of things. The letting go, relinquishing control of the situation to God. I’m scared of doing that, because though I have no idea how serious the illness is, I do know that I’m not ready for God to take her and if I let him be in complete control of the situation I have to be saying that God is in control whatever the outcome whenever the outcome and I just have to let God be God. I’m really struggling with that right now.

Thank you to those who are continuing to pray for her healing, please continue to pray for her, and for wisdom for the doctors, that whatever is causing this pain or infection will be revealed and able to be treated promptly.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

(Days until my 20th birthday: 14)

Praying for a Miracle

Just a quick post today, but if you pray, if you could be praying for my mum. She has kidney failure. She’s had problems with her kidneys since she was 19 and just over six years ago she had to go onto peritoneal dialysis. During that time while on dialysis she was fine, diets restrictions and the actual dialysis process had to be worked into everyday life but she was very energetic and to all appearances, healthy.

In the last month or so the dialysis seems to have run it’s course. It isn’t helping the way it was before, her muscles and joints are extremely tense to the point where going up and down stairs, or even just pouring a glass of water is very difficult, also one of her medications’ side effects is a cough that is causing her a lot of throat and abdomen pain. She’s had to go onto the transplant list but that can take almost a minimum of six months to get a new kidney.

We’re praying for a miracle. We have been for as long as I can remember. I believe that God can heal her kidneys and make them new so they work again, but I also believe that he can also provide healing through medical solutions such as dialysis or transplants. So we’re praying that God provides healing whichever way he knows is best. In the meantime we’re also praying for relief of the pain in her joints and muscles.

So yeah, if you pray, if you could keep my mum (and the rest of my family too) in your prayers, we’d really appreciate it 🙂

Talk to you tomorrow!