When Looks Contradict Truth: Invisible Illness

Invisible illness, that is, illnesses with no outward symptoms revealing to outsiders that the patient is ill, do not only throw off outsiders. If you have minimal to no symptoms implying that you are ill, you are unlikely to go to a doctor meaning these illnesses can go completely unnoticed until they are revealed very suddenly and often seriously.

Even once discovered, this is not an easy mental adjustment to make in ones own mind. To accept that one looks completely healthy in the mirror and to know that inside, one is could be essentially dying. It can be very easy to get down on yourself and feel that you ought to be up to doing more, and to get past the mindset of resting as laziness. People often have to take time from work or school during treatment periods and that can be a very big adjustment. Going from working or being in school full time, to having to stay home and rest continually is a difficult mental hurdle. Looks aren’t everything but they do say a lot and when they seem to contradict the truth people don’t necessarily know how to receive it.

If you know someone who suffers from an invisible illness, remember the importance of letting them know they are not alone in this (perhaps help them arrange a chance to meet with someone who has had or has the same illness) and that you are there to support them through thick and thin. The road of acceptance may be difficult but it’s part of the journey to recovery.


Invisible Illness

Living on a convenient bus route is of no use when you can’t take the bus but getting places becomes difficult. Walking could be an option for most people but when walking less than a block leaves you breathless it’s not a reasonable method of transportation. This can leave you somewhat housebound. Such is life with an invisible illness.

Invisible illnesses are conditions that show no outward manifestation or disability in the sufferer so their condition is unobservable by bystanders. “96% of people with chronic medical conditions live with a condition that is invisible.

I have a friend with an invisible illness. To the beholder she is a perfectly healthy 22 year old capable of working, school, and general socializing. In reality she suffers from aplastic anemia, a condition caused by her bone marrow not producing the required red and white blood cells and platelets required for her to survive. During treatment for this condition she needs to be incredibly careful about being in public and keeping health as her body is not able to fight off illnesses in the same way a healthy person’s can.

A symptom of her condition is breathlessness and exhaustion which make going out difficult. People assume she is healthy and therefore able to keep up but even walking is sometimes a chore. People don’t give up seats for healthy-looking twenty-two year olds. Invisible illnesses affect a number of people in our society. It’s important for people to recognize this and to be more considerate of others as opposed to making snap judgements of people based on outward appearance. Appearances can be deceiving.

Mysterious Illness

Today I am ill. I was alright through class but it got worse through the day and I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and evening, and not even attempting eating even though it was house-group potluck night because everything was tasting like sawdust and basically I’m sleeping until my body decides to behave and wakes itself back up.

Please give me lots of sympathy and chicken noodle soup and soda crackers and ginger ale. My inner drama queen thrives on it even though I may be dying of this mysterious illness… (read as “illness that’s probably just a simple flu”…)


Mum’s Home!

Mum came home today!! She’s taking medication for the heart infection she had and it’s improving. They’re still awaiting some test results but the Doctor’s said, as her symptoms and fever are gone she could come home and just come back next week to meet with the Doctor about the results! She’s still very weak and tires easily but she’s more energetic and more “herself” than I’ve seen her for over a month so I’m really happy!!! =D Thanks so much to everyone who was praying for her/us!

And I’m home too for Thanksgiving weekend, so there’s an extra day to sleep in! 😉

Busybusybusy = My New Life

Today was busybusybusy as I have a feeling my life will be from now on! Desi and I slept through our alarm (which I’m still not fully convinced ever went off…) and woke up twenty minutes before we had to leave to catch the bus soooooo that was fun.

Then we had theology class all morning. Learned about the death of Christ and certain significant points in that story and where they tie in to other things or have certain symbolic things attached. Quite interesting except it seems like today all of us were just so out of it. Our teacher seemed to notice and decided to let us go half an hour early. He actually said, “You guys seem a bit brain dead, I think I’ll just leave it there for today.” We tried. Sort of. Mostly. I took notes still…!

This afternoon we didn’t have booked for study though, we have trip prep because we’re going to one of the other churches we’re connected to in our province in two weeks so we’ve started prep for that. It sounds like we’re going to be running the children’s ministry program for the morning so we were planning the morning out for that, finding songs. I got to make a craft template for a lantern they’re going to make which was super fun!! =D


Lantern templates and test runs














Tonight I went to the hospital to see my mum with my dad and my sister (who arrived safely home very late on Monday after flight delays leaving Heathrow airport and a missed connection in Toronto). Mum was feeling much better today, stiffness is almost completely gone and sore throat and fever are gone. There appears to be some kind of heart infection but they’re still working out what exactly it is and how to treat it. She’s on some meds for it now so hopefully those will help. We’re continuing to pray for her, sleeping has been a bit hard while she’s been in hospital, and we’re praying that she will get completely healed so that God can blow the doctor’s away with a miraculous healing! 😉 (they’re already a bit stumped that all the soreness and the fever has gone away without any treatment. She’s just been on painkillers til the meds for the heart infection today) I’m also praying that she’ll be able to come home soon. She’s been there since Sunday and we want her healed/treated/healthy and out of there ASAP!

Thanks again to those praying!
Talk to you tomorrow!