Long Story Short

Hello, long time no post. How’ve you been? Yeah? Cool/That’s great/Sorry to hear that/Really?

I’ve been good. I mean today wasn’t the best morning but generally I’ve been good, really.

I haven’t posted a personal post on this blog since September 13 when I explained that I would be using this blog for a school project for the semester. I did that and then kind of ditched, sorry! Guess I got blogged out. But really what that means is you know nothing about how my junior year of university is going! Here’s the cliffsnotes version from September to now:

  • I’m doing a lot more major-specific courses at university this year and it’s really fun! I like my major, yayyyy! I started practicum in January, I’m working with the communications and media department at my university so that’s fun! Also really convenient because I commute out to school which takes up a good two hours of driving each day, so doing my practicum at school means I can use my long spares for something productive and I don’t have to do yet another thing on top of homework when I finally make it home at the end of the day!
  • I have a boyfriend. His name is Ryan, I like him lots and we’ve been dating for five months. I don’t know what else to say about this, umm ask questions if you want…?
    Haha okay so here’s the deal, I never know how to talk about relationship stuff and its not because I want to keep it quiet or anything I just don’t want to overshare or seem like I’m boasting in the wonderfulness that is our relationship (which I could do, really!). I’m more than happy to answer questions if you care but don’t expect me to volunteer much unprompted!
Internet, meet Ryan.

And now for your formal introduction, Internet, meet Ryan.

  • I really want to work at DisneyWorld. Haha alright so this isn’t really new, this has been years in the making, but this past spring I applied for the Disney Cultural Exchange program which would have meant I would have been working at Disney World, FL for three months over the summer. I got an interview but would have had to fly out to Toronto for a forty-five minute meeting which I just couldn’t do as a somewhat broke college student. So alas my dreams of working at Disney have been dashed for now but who knows… after all, Winnipeg has a Disney Store!

See, Disney means hanging out with friends! Disney is a happy place to be!

  • My mum has officially had her new kidney for over a year! Some of you may remember last January when my mum had a kidney transplant due to kidney failure. January 8th was the one-year anniversary of that surgery and everything continues to go swimmingly! The kidney took really well and she’s got more energy and is able to sleep better and eat more and all sorts of things! It’s really nice =)
  • I have managed to keep Rory the fish alive for a year and four months. He’s still swimming folks! That means he has survived me for ten months longer than any of my past fish did… Good job Rory.

So there my update for ya and for future me who may just be narcissistic enough to come back and read these one day… I probably won’t be posted regularly on here because school is craaaaazy and life’s busy but I’ll try my best to pop by! In the meantime, if you’re just dying to keep up with all my comings and goings, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@rlpbeckleston) or Instagram (@rlpdean). I’m around there pretty often!

It’s nice to be back =) Hope all your present endeavors are going well! Talk to ya later!


One Year Later

Exactly a year ago I was in an internship and was, with my fellow interns, flying off to Romania for a month. I was scared, and kinda excited but mostly scared, and was not enjoying being on the hottest (as in excruciatingly warm) flight I’ve ever been on in my life. (You can read my blog post from that first day here)

Today my fellow interns and I went out for Shawarma to reminisce about the good times we had and how we all wish we were going back with this years set of interns…

It’s not like we were catching up with each other really, we’re kind of inseperable so we know the ins and outs of each others lives sometimes better than our own, but its fun to formally hang out sometimes ;D

So we went out to Shawarma Khan for shawarma

A handy description of shwarma off the wall at Shwarma Kham

A handy description of shwarma off the wall at Shwarma Kham

Now why shawarma? Well we had shawarma in Romania, it was like a once a week thing at least… In fact I had shawarma for the first time in Romania! I felt like I should be initiated into the Avengers immediately.

After shawarma we had a need for dessert and wandered over to Cake-ology and had some sweets =D

A subtle I'm-slightly-ashamed-but-am-still-gonna-take-a-picture-for-my-blog photo in the tiny bakery of tasty things!

A subtle I’m-slightly-ashamed-but-am-still-gonna-take-a-picture-for-my-blog photo in the tiny bakery of tasty things!

After our dessert need was well and truely, deliciously satisfied we wandered into The Haberdashery which is a hat shop owned by a friend and Des bought some gloves as she was slowly freezing to death via frozen fingers (Winnipeg, I’m telling ya, it’s a thing.)

After a quick stop in at Toad Hall (and English toy shop) Beth and Jon then had to head off to respective prior engagements and Des and I slowly made our way through a used bookshop (it’s an addiction, I may need to seek help) and then down to the movie theatre where we proceeded to watch Kingsman. While it was probably one of the most innapriopriate movies I’ve ever seen and contained more violence and swearing than any movie I’ve ever seen, it was also one of the funniest and may or may not ahve made it onto my favourites list. We were very nearly falling out of our chairs laughing. It’s fantastic, but I didn’t recommend it to you.

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Manners Maketh Man.

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A wonderful use of a reading week day!


Rebellion Day with mah Besties

Today I skated for the second time in one weekend.

That’s three times this winter.

I think that’s a personal record.

The thing is I really like skating. I’m not very good at it and I tend to fall fairly frequently but I like to think I fall with style (yes, like Buzz Lightyear) and I still have fun. I just didn’t have my own skates until I found some in the basement on Friday. Now I can skate whenever there’s ice! (So like most of the time in Winnipeg…)

So today was Rebellion Day (Louis Riel Day) which meant now school and days off of work so I went skating with mah buddies! We went to the Forks River trail (which was officially “open” this time) and skated down in a different direction than last time and then the same direction but further and all over the place. We were out there for well over an hour in the FREZZING WINDS OF MANITOBA but it was fun and we saw some cute dogs so that’s the important part.

Oh and there was free hot chocholate for some reason (I think to do with Festival de Voyageur) so we had free hot cholocate and listened to a musician play while we chilled by a fire on the forzen river (now that I’m thinking about it fire pits on the river seem a little sketch… Like there was a puddle under the fire and it kinda just now clicking that further under that puddle was THE RIVER but yo, whateves, we didn’t fall in or anything… ;D

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We are skaters! We skate!

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We then headed back to J’s house and watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which somehow I had never seen before. It is now on my favourite movies list… It was pretty fantastic.

B got off work and joined us later in the evening and then we watched Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy because B and D had never seen either which is of course unacceptable… We ate a lot of candy.

and some salad.

And a lot of candy…

It was fun =D I like hanging out with my best buddies, it’s kinda nice to have a gang of friends. As much as I like online stuff and making friends through things this way, have friends that all live within about a 20 minute drive from you is kinda nice.


Hey look! I “Bake”!!

Today I went to the young adult’s dessert banquet. It was totes a Valentine’s Day thing but they didn’t call it that. There were red balloons and heart candies and pink things everywhere. We all knew, but we’re mostly all single so we didn’t care too much ;D

I made a really tasty dessert that I found online the other week here

Tasty mini cheesecakes

Tasty mini cheesecakes

They were raaaaaather tasty… And no-bake which was handy! I think next time I would double the amounts for the crust, it seemed too thin for the amount of floof that was the cheesecakes. We also couldn’t find “strawberry essence” (is that a thing in Canada?) and wit it being Valentine’s Day weekend there was NO red food colouring in the store. My mum suggested Strawberry Nesquik as it has both flavouring and colour. Totally worked. Just put in the same amount of the syrup as it asked for of “strawberry essence”, works like a charm.

So we had desserts and played some games and I posed with balloons

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Take me to Disney…

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It was a pretty good time…

The Actor In Me

And now for your weekly The-Actor-In-Me update!

Today was a drama filled day (pun completely and utterly meant). The afternoon was our memory test for the play that I’m in. Now having only ever been in a drama club, we never had a memory test before we started blocking, we always were blocking as we memorized. I see benefits to both for sure, but this being a new experience I was a little nervous. I may have definitely sacrificed my midterm grade in another class focusing on memorizing scripts instead of studying enough but I think I can pull the grade back up in the rest of the term.

So we did the memory test. I think I did pretty well, I definitely need to polish it a lot more, but I have most of it down pretty well. After the memory test we got into blocking. In past plays I’ve been in the director has always just told us where they want us to be, what motions they want us to do, how they want us to stand. In this play we have much more creative licsense. I’m feeling a bit like a bird who grew up locked in a cage and now isn’t sure how to leave the cage even though the door is open. I get to have a major say in how my character acts! I get to choose (to then be director-approved of course) how my character is moving and behaving. It’s a creative freedom I’ve never had so I’m a little shy in acting on it… I think I’ll be able to get bolder as I get used to the idea. It’s gonna be a really fun play though, in blocking today I was loudly and rather shrilly yelling/talking/something right in someones face. Like literally inches from face so that was rather new, kinda fun!

Then this evening in my actual acting class we performed our autodramas. We had to write the five minute autodramas ourselves (of course, hense the auto-) and then perform them for the class using whatever props and stuff we needed. Mine was about how the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?” has effected my public speaking/performance abilities. I like to think it was a bit amusing… I may make a video of it in the semi-near future as I haven’t made a video in over a month and I already have it memorized. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll wait til I get my mark back ;D

It was really fun to see everyone else’s autodramas too though, some people were super personal about heavier stuff and some people got more into light-hearted fun stuff, but everyone’s was super good! I like this class.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Just a Homework Day

Today I memorized, scripted, and studied. I have a midterm tomorrow and an acting performance on Monday and I need my whole script memorized for Monday. My brain and I are going to bed now.


That’s right I Did!

Last year some of you may remember my first meal after my church’s Week of Prayer and Fasting. I gave fifteen/thirty minutes updates on how ill I felt because after not eating for a week you’re supposed to basically wean yourself back onto food and my friends and I were like “mmm bett’a not!” and went out to a restaurant to get full-blown meals. So tasty, so painful.

Relive last year with me: (x)

This year I did a day less, Tuesday-Friday, but broke it the same way, with the same meal in fact. The pain did not last as long but was still just as bad. The meal however, was delectable…

I decided not to hold back, going with a massive burger and french fries...

I decided not to hold back, going with a massive burger and french fries…

That's right I did...

That’s right I did…

So yeah… Moral: you get really hungry after not eating for a while and really really appreciate food afterwards and can eat a lot. Con: you quite quickly realise over the time of not eating your stomach has indeed shrunk and is no longer happy with you…

Everythings cool though, I’ll sleep it off and have a lovely breakfast in the morning! ;D

Talk to you tomorrow!