Long Story Short

Hello, long time no post. How’ve you been? Yeah? Cool/That’s great/Sorry to hear that/Really?

I’ve been good. I mean today wasn’t the best morning but generally I’ve been good, really.

I haven’t posted a personal post on this blog since September 13 when I explained that I would be using this blog for a school project for the semester. I did that and then kind of ditched, sorry! Guess I got blogged out. But really what that means is you know nothing about how my junior year of university is going! Here’s the cliffsnotes version from September to now:

  • I’m doing a lot more major-specific courses at university this year and it’s really fun! I like my major, yayyyy! I started practicum in January, I’m working with the communications and media department at my university so that’s fun! Also really convenient because I commute out to school which takes up a good two hours of driving each day, so doing my practicum at school means I can use my long spares for something productive and I don’t have to do yet another thing on top of homework when I finally make it home at the end of the day!
  • I have a boyfriend. His name is Ryan, I like him lots and we’ve been dating for five months. I don’t know what else to say about this, umm ask questions if you want…?
    Haha okay so here’s the deal, I never know how to talk about relationship stuff and its not because I want to keep it quiet or anything I just don’t want to overshare or seem like I’m boasting in the wonderfulness that is our relationship (which I could do, really!). I’m more than happy to answer questions if you care but don’t expect me to volunteer much unprompted!
Internet, meet Ryan.

And now for your formal introduction, Internet, meet Ryan.

  • I really want to work at DisneyWorld. Haha alright so this isn’t really new, this has been years in the making, but this past spring I applied for the Disney Cultural Exchange program which would have meant I would have been working at Disney World, FL for three months over the summer. I got an interview but would have had to fly out to Toronto for a forty-five minute meeting which I just couldn’t do as a somewhat broke college student. So alas my dreams of working at Disney have been dashed for now but who knows… after all, Winnipeg has a Disney Store!

See, Disney means hanging out with friends! Disney is a happy place to be!

  • My mum has officially had her new kidney for over a year! Some of you may remember last January when my mum had a kidney transplant due to kidney failure. January 8th was the one-year anniversary of that surgery and everything continues to go swimmingly! The kidney took really well and she’s got more energy and is able to sleep better and eat more and all sorts of things! It’s really nice =)
  • I have managed to keep Rory the fish alive for a year and four months. He’s still swimming folks! That means he has survived me for ten months longer than any of my past fish did… Good job Rory.

So there my update for ya and for future me who may just be narcissistic enough to come back and read these one day… I probably won’t be posted regularly on here because school is craaaaazy and life’s busy but I’ll try my best to pop by! In the meantime, if you’re just dying to keep up with all my comings and goings, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@rlpbeckleston) or Instagram (@rlpdean). I’m around there pretty often!

It’s nice to be back =) Hope all your present endeavors are going well! Talk to ya later!


An Update on Mum

So tomorrow it’ll have been four weeks since mum’s kidney transplant. Since the transplant I have been a tad negligent in posting updates. When people see me in person I get many of the same questions which isn’t an issue of course, but does make me realize I should probably answer some of them en masse. So here are a few Frequently Asked Questions: an interview with my mum. (Anything “in quotes” is me asking something)

Are you feeling better?

From immediately after the surgery? Yes.
“What about compared to before the surgery?” Well, I’d say I’m still recovering from the surgery, not quite back up to speed yet.

If everything healing properly? What do the doctors say?

Yes everything is healing very well, my blood work is very good. The kidney is functioning happily.

What food are you enjoying most now that you’re able to eat everything?

Dairy (“More specifically?” Milk, cheese, yogurt), chocolate, whole grains, chocolate.
“Chocolate twice eh?” Oh, take one out then! “Nope, you really like chocolate… =D”

Can you eat everything or are there still foods you can’t eat?

Yup, I’m still supposed to watch my sodium (because everyone should watch their sodium! say that!), but my limit is now three times what it used to be.

Is the arthritis less/better?

Its fine. They’re hoping I’ll be able to come off my arthritis medications soon because some of the anti-rejection drugs are also used to treat arthritis.

Are their any bad side effects?

There are some side effects, it hasn’t been too bad but they’re still adjusting dosages to adjust side effects. I’m still on a fairly high dosage so the side effects are stronger.

Are you bored?

Not very often, I quite like quiet activities, but feel kind of out of the loop.
“What kind of quiet activities have you been doing?” Puzzles, reading, crosswords, now I can do a little bit of housework and cooking.

When can you come out in public?

Well, I go to the hospital wearing a mask twice a week (it used to be every day). They’re still not sure when I can come out in public because it is still winter and this has been a bad flu season.* The original estimate of two months still stands which is four more weeks. I’m hoping for Easter!

*Mum is on quite strong immune-suppressant drugs to keep her body from attacking the new kidney while it adjusts. This means that she is more susceptible to illness and has to be very careful. Lots of hand washing at our house!!

How is your brother (the donor) doing?

My brother is doing great. He just got back from a week in Mexico soaking up the rays!


Thus concludes our FAQ interview with mum, she’d like to say, “Thanks for all the prayers and care, I look forward to seeing you all again soon!”

I would like to echo her thanks, thank you all very much for the prayers and support and wellwishes you’ve been sending our way, it’s been much appreciated!


(because who doesn’t want to be thanked by Zac Efron?)

January 8th

Today we celebrated our first annual January 8th.

Now you may be thinking one or both of two things:
a) Becky, it’s not January 8th.
b) Becky, January 8th happens every year already. What do you mean it’s the first annual January 8th, you imbecile?

Okay, so I could have been more explicit – and geez man, imbecile, really? That’s kinda harsh don’t’cha think..? – Anyway, January 8th 2015 was mum’s transplant day and we’re making it an annual holiday. My siblings and I have never known a healthy version of our mum, she’s had kidney problems for 25 years so we’ve all grown up with this as part of our lives AND NOW IT IS ALL CHANGING!! (*cue dramatic music*)

A prayer for her healing has been my most commonly prayed prayer ever and through it I’ve come to a full understanding of the point that God always answers our prayers, always. He gives one of three answers: “yes”, “no”, or “not yet”, and he always answers in his time and his way – not always word for word of what we pray for. We have a very limited view of our lives and the world, but he sees the big picture. I prayed for 21 years (okay more like 17 or something, surprisingly I wasn’t born talking) that God would miraculously heal my mum’s natural kidneys but the answer was always “no” or “not yet” (I didn’t know which). January 8th I learned it had been a “not yet” that became a “yes”, and that God answered in a way I hadn’t considered growing up. God answered and through the wait I think he’s caused our family to grow both together and with him. It was kinda rough sometimes but it was good, it was all part of THE MASTER PLAN (*maniacal laughter*)

Mum arrived back home this past Tuesday afternoon and has been doing really great. Her kidney is working just as well, if not better, than some people’s who have two healthy kidneys and being home is helping as she relaxes into the full recovery process. The most obvious adjustments at the moment (other than not having to do dialysis of course) are the dietary changes. Everything that’s been off limits for the last eight years is back on the menu! Yesterday I texted her from school to see how she was doing and got this in reply:

So everything’s going pretty well =D (However, her arthritis has been acting up a little bit in her joints so if you’re a praying person, if you want to keep praying for that alongside recovery, we’d appreciate it! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!)

For our first annual January 8th party we ordered in pizza (something I don’t recall having ever done in my lifetime, even before dietary restrictions) and had pizza and cheesecake and watched the tv show “Happy Days”. It was pretty great. The fam is now watching Guardians of the Galaxy again (it’s becoming a family favourite =D) but I left partway through to get ready for bed. I have an early start again with school in the morning and my headaches are starting to warn me that I’d better start getting more sleep, so I’m off!

First January 8th was a success, future January 8th’s will (probably) be celebrated on January 8th, and I have to wake up before 6am tomorrow so GOODNIGHT HAVE GOOD LIVES TALK TO YOU TOMORROW!

Socializing? Whaaaat?

Today I actually socialized with other people my age outside of school, church, and work. This is quite an accomplishment =D I went to a young adults event with some of the young adults from my church. We went sledding and then back to someones house to play games and eat food and stuff and I was surprised. I actually had fun!

As a very intorverted person I dislike hanging out in larger groups very much. I am able to fake chattiness and stuff in groups because I understand that its part of life but I rarely enjoy it. Smaller groups I can handle. Larger groups of closer friends I can mostly handle. But often events like this happen after a work day or a school day and by then I am out of the ability to fake it and I just want to veg with a tv show or a book and not talk to another human for a few hours. Today I had the afternoon off so I stayed home and cleaned some stuff and veged a bit and then went out and had fun! Sometimes I like people.

Tomorrow however I have my first of my “long days” at school. I leave the city at 7:30am and I won’t be home until around 10:30pm. I have an early morning class and an evening class and nooooothing in between. So we’ll see how it goes! I’m in the process of reading C.S.Lewis’ Space Trilogy and I recently finished Out of the Silent Planet. I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s my first exposure to science fiction books and it’s fun!


Mum’s doing pretty well, body’s still adjusting to having a new organ so she’s still settling back to “normal” but overall she’s doing pretty well =)

Talk to you tomorrow!

A Visit!?!

Today my brother and I got to go see my mum!! When she wrnt in we were told we wouldn’t be able to see her until she got home, she was only allowed two visitors to minimize any contact with germs as she’s on high immune-supresents as her body gets used to having a new organ in it. Without the immune-suppresents her body would attack the new kidney as a virus or invader and destroy it. So the immune-suppresents are a good thing, just not for my brother and I. My dad was obviously one of the apporved visitors, and the other was my sister who’s out of school and took the week off work.

So I had resigned myself to not seeing mum until she comes home (which could actually be as soon as Monday now!! exciting!) but then today I was texting her (gotta love technology) and she said, “The nurse said you can come visit if you want to” and I was like what, like now, okay I’ll come now!! So my sister came and picked up my brother and I and off we went!

Mum’s doing well, pretty tired and sore, kinda hard sleeping in hosptial beds and soreness is a normal post-surgery ailment, but she’s recoving. In fact, today the doctor told her her phosphates were low and she should eat some chocolate! She hasn’t been able to eat chocolate for seven or eight years now because her phosphates were always too high!! So dad got her a selection of things and she nibbled away at them guilt-free =)

Then this evening after I’d come home, my dad posted on facebook that my mum’s “blood clearance levels are now officially NORMAL! That means that [her] new kidney [(from my uncle)] is already cleaning her blood to such a degree that she’s getting the very same blood-test results that someone with a pair of healthy kidneys would get! Her nurse just exclaimed that she has never seen anyone reach NORMAL so quickly after a transplant! Thank you Lord!” So YAYYYY that’s exciting!! =) There’s still a ways to go with recovery but so far everythings good and God willing it will continue this way =)

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, they’re very appreciated! Talk to you all tomorrow!

Oh hey 2am!

Sometimes you get home from youth group and your think, hey, I’ll skype with my friend for a little bit and then its two in the morning.

Mum’s doing well, the doctors are pleased with how she’s recovering. Still pretty tired and sore, not sleeping great quite yet – hosptial beds aren’t the finest objects to sleep on…


Surgery Complete

Well today were my uncle and mum’s surgeries. My uncle went in first to have his kidney removed and then after the oporating theatre had been reset my mum was taken in at 11:30am. 2:20pm She came out, the doctor said told us the surgery went well and the kidney was working! Mum was in recovery for a few hours while they kept a close eye on her and now she’s in her room at the hosptial where she’ll be until probably Tuesday or Wednesday. She’s doing good, but very tired. My uncle is doing well too, has been quite chatty in reocvery I hear!! 😉

Thank to all the pray-ers and well wishers, we really appreciate it!!