This Is It.

Heyyyyyy friend! It’s been, let’s see now, well, umm, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Nearly five months?! Sheesh, my bad… So how ya been?

Summarizing the last five months could be tricky, lets see, I did keep cooking a bit, I know the posts dropped off at “E” but I made chicken broccoli noodle thing (F), pretzel buns with cream cheese icing dip (G), and Sloppy Joe Mac & Cheese (H) and maybe some other stuff but I don’t remember. I’m going to try and get back into weekly cooking, still ironing out my back-to-school schedule though.

But the summer was great! Mostly worked, but did get to take a trip to BC with mah boyfriend Ryan to visit with family and adventure down there for a bit! If you’d like to see some of what we did I did put together a video shortly after the trip

And since then school has started up again! Well for me, Ryan’s a fancy graduate with a grown-up job and everything (he’s my inspiration for what to be like next year, you see!). I am in my last year of school. It’s weird. I remember my last year of high school, it was exciting and incredibly nerve-racking all at once. There’s the excitement of moving on but also the emptiness of what is going to happen next, it feels like everything is so unknown. I’m getting feeling like that again now. This is my fourth year in university, I have the year mapped out until April when I wear the gown and funny cap and get handed a piece of paper and then I have absolutely no idea and when I start to think about that, it terrifies me. I feel so unprepared and inadequate.

Now I’m not saying that school has let me down and not taught me what I needed, I hope it has, but I am not confident that I’ll find a job, I’m not confident there will be a job, I worry I’ll be working 34.5 hours a week in a minimum wage job forever because why would someone chose me over someone else? I realize my instinct here is to say, “I wouldn’t.” and that makes me sad. Why wouldn’t I chose me? What’s wrong with me?

The other day my alarm went off and I opened my eyes after a night of tossing and turning. I couldn’t have gotten more than two hours “sleep” all night – the start of a terrible day, no? But a thought popped into my head. My boyfriend (who is a very smart man) has three things he tries to do (or would it be, be? Grammar… :P), Be optimistic, be patient, and no complaining. So I turned off that alarm and I took a breath and I decided, this is my day. No one can ruin it but me, and I say it’s my day and it’ll be just fine. And you know what, it was. It was very nearly a pretty good day actually.

So this is my year. I’ll try and blog bits and pieces of it but I know already it’ll be busy as heck so I don’t know how often I’ll pop in. I wrote out a list of all my assignments and due dates and oooh baby, this’ll be fun! But it’s my year, it’s going to happen. There will be no repeats of grade 12’s downward spiral to capital “B” Bad Times, these are sure gonna be some capital “B” Busy Times, but capital “G” Good Times too. We got dis, got a team of great folks to support and be supported by and we’re gonna do some cool stuff this year 🙂

– B

PS – I went exploring in the woods behind my university the other day. That was fun.


Meeting a “Least of These”

I’m a shift supervisor at my job which means I have shifts where I’m acting-manager and close up at night – count the tills, lock, the door, etc. So today I was counting a till in the back office as we were nearing close time and I got paged to the front. Now this usually means either I need to adjust a price that rang in wrong, or there’s an upset customer who “wants to speak to the manager” (so that policy can be changed to suit their immediate need, to which I get the joy of saying, “umm, no” in the politest way possible). So I lock up what I need to and head to the front.

My coworker is ringing a customer through, there’s a few people in line, and then there’s a man leaning against the counter further down. So I ask my coworker what she needs, and it’s this man at the end of the counter who asked for someone. He was looking a bit worse for wear, had his hood up and sunglasses on. Not the normal type of person we see in our establishment, so I come over to see what he needs. He wants some small change he has changed into larger coin. Alright I can do that. So I try to be friendly, but I find myself feeling kind of repulsed by this man, his fingernails are dirty and his hands clammy, he’s unshaven and doesn’t take off his sunglasses. As I opened the till, honestly, I half expected to be robbed, like someone would come up behind me, or he’d pull something, but I count out the appropriate larger coin for his change as he explains he needs it for bus fare and I hand it to him. He thanks me, smiles, says he should come back here to see me again, I kinda laugh and say, sure he can come back to the store, maybe to shop or something (trying to ignore the “come back to see you again” part). He laughs a bit and heads out.

I start heading back to the office to finish with my close-out of  the till I was working on and stop off in the kitchen to wash my hands because I feel kind of dirty and the coins he handed me were all warm and moist from being clutched in his palm and as I sit down in the office I realize, I’m feeling terrified. Well, maybe terrified is too strong a word but I feel like I’ve just had a horrible experience, like I’ve been, I don’t know, contaminated. I was repulsed. And I couldn’t figure out why; why was I reacting this way? A man had come in, obviously either had a rough day or just down on his luck in life, he’d been friendly enough, had a simple enough thing to ask of me which I was easily able to do. Why was I reacting like this?

As I began to think about it the parable of the sheep and the goats came to mind, the part where Jesus says,

“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, … For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’ Matthew 25:41-45

Had I treated this man as I would have if he’d been well-dressed and “normal”? Had I behaved the same way I would have if it was Jesus? Because the Bible here is saying that when we interact with “the least of these” we are interacting with Him. I may have been polite, but was I only that? Polite? Was I snobby, did I put myself above this man?

So in my office as I finished up my close-out I prayed and repented for putting myself above this man. A humans a human no matter their measure of “success” in life (then again, who are we to say what success is? Like ones man’s rubbish is another’s treasure, could not one’s failure be another’s greatest success?)

So next time I meet someone who I may see as a “least of these” I pray that I remember to help them and treat them as well as I would anyone else, genuinely, not just polite and professionally.


Hope Centre and Cupcakes: March 7

So this morning we went to the Hope Centre in Chiselet (*The organization that runs it is Outstretched Hands of Romania if you’re interested in learning more about it). We we out of the house by 8:15am to be there in time for a bit of a mingle before the 9am start. We met a few of the team, a lot of young people, some from America, some from the surrounding areas, so that was fun. Then we sat on on their meeting, they had a worship time to start off, in Romanian of course, but we recognized a song or two and we able to sing along in English. It was really cool listening to it and seeing everyone getting into it even though not all of them speak Romanian or then during the English song, not all of them speak any Englshi (apparently I don’t speak English either so that’s great). E (*a Romanian member of the team who was our translator a number of times. He’s great, we quickly made friends with him), anyway E is B’s male Romanian twin – a very energetic singer/dancer/clapper so B was quite excited to try out some of her more elaborate clapping rhythms… 😉

Before the worship time started Brad Hayes (*who runs the Outstretched Hands program, learn more at their website, linked at the beginning) chose four of the team, two guys, two girls, to pray for people that the Lord led them to during the worship time, so as we worshipped these four walked around and the guys prayed for some of the guys and the girls prayed for the girls. One of the girls, came over and prayed for each of us girls, she speaks very little English so she prayed in Romanian, very sweet, she’s probably about our age maybe a little younger. Reminds me a bit of a friend I met at Vidcon, Alexi, which is funny because Alexi’s a pretty unique person so I found her a buddy! ;D

After the worship we had the meeting and the team finalized their plans for what they’re going to do with the Norwegian team of 50 that comes out on Monday! Sounds quite elaborate as they’re a public school music class coming out to do free performances and lead at churches and stuff. I kinda hope we’ll be somewhere at the same time as them during their week here, could be kind of fun!!

After the meeting some kids (I think they’re kids that do some classes at the Hope Centre as the other girls seemed to know them). I noticed them in the back while we were milling after and I waved so pretty soon the five of them had kinda magneted up to us asking us in broken English what our names were and telling us theirs. I sat down on a seat beside them and one of the girls was holding my braid (she pointed out what we think was that I had two braids, D had one and B had none) then my paleness was noticed as my cheek was stroked (I think I may be a china doll ;D) D was amused by how they were kind of thrown off by her skin colour (not quite sure what to classify her as, Canadian, Gypsy, etc. Not sure how many, if any, African people would be around here, Probably only those on visiting teams. *D is mixed race so has a mid-tone skin colour =D) Then one of the girls started saying picture? and motioning like a camera so B pulled hers out (I didn’t bring mine today, didn’t think I’d need it) and I think that oldest girl (the only one with any English) got a picture with every combination of us five that was possible, it was hilarious. She’d grab a few of us and a few of the other girls and place herself in the middle and get a picture and then rearrange us, B said she probably had over 20 photos, it was so funny! One of the girls had what I assume was a mother’s day card (*It’s Mother’s Day here in Romania on Sunday) so I complimented her flower, soon another girl with her card with a heart on it brought it up to be viewed and complimented, they were very sweet =)

With our friend at the Hope Centre with whom we took maaaaaaaaany photos =) L-R Me, D, our new friend, friend-J, J

With our friend at the Hope Centre with whom we took maaaaaaaaany photos =)
L-R Me, D, our new friend, friend-J, J

Once team-leader-R was done mingling we went out for pizza at a pizzaria in Chiselet. T&A were going to join us but she’s been getting some braxton hicks so they ended up driving into Bucharest and going to see the doctor. We had pizza, went to a big grocery store and then a produce market for groceries and then drove home. We had about an hour rest time/lie down/nap and then the guys were going to a men’s meeting and us girls were icing cupcakes for a womens meeting tomorrow evening. So us three, team-leader-D and A iced cupcakes that team-leader-D had made earlier and made some shepherds pie for when the menfolk got home for dinner. A kinda told us how she met T. She’s super open and very sweet. A is Romanian, she and T met when he moved out to stay with R&D. Then D shared some of her story and we all chatted about all sorts of things. D and A talked about home-births because A is worried about the doctor’s wanting bribes when she goes in to have the baby, (*The hospital system is preeeeeetty bad) but they don’t have midwives here, just state or private (and very expensive) hospitals.

All the cupcakes we iced! L-R A, me, cupcakes, D, B

All the cupcakes we iced!
L-R A, me, cupcakes, D, B

Anywho, boys got home, had dinner, chatted, T&A went home, us five had what will become or evening meeting (but hopefully they’ll be less than an hour next time) and we got ready for bed!

Our ladies’ meeting may not happen tomorrow now, one of the ladies, Team-leader-D’s mum’s prayer partner (middle-aged-older lady) passed away rather suddenly today, so team-leader-D said we may end up going to a funeral instead, but we’ll see how it ends up.

Soo yeah that was today!
Miss you guys, love you all!

Not giving up buuuut…

Okay, I need to get back into the habit of doing this because I’ve obviously fallen out out habit and I’m tired of catching this blog up after the fact. The past week I did more filming for a new project at the school and worked on editing that, the five of us interns went to a teachers conference on Friday with the teachers of the school we help at. It was… erm… interesting? He had very good points and it was all good but there wasn’t a lot of practical application and as I’m not a teacher, nor do I ever intend to be a teacher, it didn’t really apply to me anyway but, hey, part of the course so we do it! =D

Today I worked again for the first time in like two weeks and it was kinda weird being back. I really love my job though, I have great coworkers and it’s a nice store and it’s just nice… well, expect for that customer who got mad at me because I couldn’t legally authorize what he wanted. Oh, nope wait, he came back and apologized later, very nice! =D

I’m working at getting back into doing this regularly but I make no promises…

I’m a Cat

Today was a very draining day and a rather hard day. It was good for me though, it’s all working towards making me a better human being… Went to housegroup this evening, that’ll be a regular thing now. Felt preeeeeeeeeetty awkward and did me whole try-to-blend-in-with-the-wall thing. I’ve joined an “adult group” rather than a “young adult group” but thankfully there’s a few people closer to my age so I didn’t feel totally out of place. It’ll be good I think. I’ll just have to get used to people, and discussion, and socialization, and small talk, and have I mentioned I share an excessive amount of personality traits with cats? Moody, cries when I don’t have food, cries when I do have food, wants to go outside, wants to go back in, lies around and sleeps wherever (often floors) preferably in sunbeams, perch on the edges of table and chair-arms rather than sit properly, complain, shed EVERYWHERE (like seriously, have me over and you’ll find my hair weeks later). I’m a cat. Except I’m really allergic to cats and not overly fond of them… soooooooo… yeah.

Theme. Coincidence…?

Today we studied theme studies and did a theme study. Basically, it’s themes that run through the Bible and can be signs to expect something, or can represent something, or a whole variety of things. For example, we looked at the number three in the Bible which is a number that runs all the way through the Bible. Coincidence? Well, to quote the latest episode of Sherlock:

Except being believers we would say, God is not so lazy as to leave things to coincidence. Everything has a purpose. The number three tends to come in to play right before a big event happens. In the telling of the story of Noah the writer includes that Noah had three sons, then, flood. Abraham and Sarah are visited by three strangers, who then tell them that they are going to have a son. The Israelites remain in their homes during the plague of darkness in Egypt three days, then comes the plague of the firstborn and the Israelites are set free. These sort of things happen all the way through the Bible. Three, big event. Three, big event. It’s fascinating.

For the afternoon we started a word study on Olives/Olive trees/Olive branches int he Bible which should be interesting too.

Anyway, talk to you tomorrow!

Flights, Layover, and Delays

Today was the first day of 2014. I spent most of it in airports which I think is an interesting way to start the year: going somewhere, or to be more exact, going home… There’s so many ways I could read into this =D

We were at the airport on time, were ahead of the line through security, found our gate in the one-gate-airport no problem and then we sat and waited. and then the plane was delayed (but only by like ten minutes) because, well, the plane wasn’t there yet…

no plane...

no plane…











Once on the plane I went back to reading Allegiant (I made it through almost exactly half on the flights to BC so I wanted to finished it through the flights on the way back).


We had a three hour layover through Calgary so we landed and went on a quest for food. Amy waylayed our mission in a gift shop buying a gift consisting of (G-rated quote) “crap” (seriously we found, like, the strangest things in the shop…) and then the food mission continued. It was completed (for me) in the food court where I bought some (kind of crappy) pizza and a salad (with unedible croutons) but Amy couldn’t decide what she wanted. In the end we went to the in-airport pub and she ordered a poutine and a beer.

Poutine candid

Poutine candid















The poutine ended up being a HUGE plate of poutine, like a teenage boy couldn’t have eaten the whole thing on his own (okay, well maybe he could, if he was really hungry) but due to the HUGENESS I got to help eat it. I ate all the fries that didn’t touch the nasty ol’ cheese curds. I actually don’t like poutine. I do like fries…
So I picked through for the cheeseless fries sipping from my fastfood cup of root beer feeling slightly out of place in an airport sports bar… and then we migrated to our gate area to settle down and watch Chuck because I’m smart and packed season one in my carryon luggage!

Our flight ended up being delayed about forty minutes which meant I went on a search for junk food. I returned with a mini bag of skittles, airport prices hit you hard man…

I finished Allegiant on the flight home, we arrived at the airport and mum and dad weren’t even there yet because the roads were so awful because Winnipeg’s weather is the same temperature as Mars and there’s snow piles nearing/towering above my shoulder already (and we still have a solid three to four months to go! but hey, I’m not bitter about it all… *twitch*) When she found out mum and dad weren’t there yet, Amy, who was amusingly flustered at no one being there to meet us (I briefly tried to convince her we were at the wrong airport) said (jokingly), and I quote, “My life is ruined!”

Twas amusing… Mum and Dad arrived. Our luggage arrived. we drove home to our igloo through the ice terrain in our sledge pulled by mighty reindeer and were met at the door by our frantically excited tame house-wolf.

Then I finally watched the Doctor Who Christmas episode and wept (all though in general I didn’t enjoy the episode at all, Matt did such a great job, Matt’s great, I love Matt, I cried because now Matt’s gone)
I was excited about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, I thought it was time for a more visibly “mature” (read old) Doctor, but I didn’t like his few line and now I’m not sure I’ll like his doctor… Why doesn’t he know how to fly his own TARDIS? She’s his, his baby, she’s been with him through time and space since he ran away centuries upon centuries ago, she’s his one friend who’s always been there and now he’s asking Clara “how to fly this thing“? Not pleased Moffat… (I pretty much 100% agree with this article my dad found so if you care to read more not-pleased-with-Moffat type stuff, dig in)

Talk to you tomorrow!