It’s Certain Now

I’m graduating.

Some of you may know that my graduation ceremony happened over three weeks ago and be thinking, yes, yes we know, you actually already graduated, is it only now clicking?

Well I walked across the stage, shook the hand of the President of the university and was given a diploma holder, but three weeks ago it wasn’t certain I was going to graduate.

Now realistically it probably was certain based on where I was going into exams, but to be really, really literal, our final grades weren’t in yet so we had no way of knowing and I had one class, this oneeee classssss that was worrying me a bit.

You see it was an ethics course, Ethics in the Marketplace, and while a business course it was also branched under philosophy and the last philosophy class that I faced off with nearly got me. I just scraped through that one with a D and I honestly don’t know how I even managed that. It was required for my minor and heading in I didn’t know it was philosophy. The methods and arguments all seemed so confusing and it being an 8:30am class probably didn’t help a whole lot either. When I sat down in my first Ethics class in January, a required course for my major, and found out it was a philosophy course my heart sank. And then, to top it all off, 20% of our grade was reliant on participation. My last philosophy course had gone badly and I’d never taken a business course; I felt at rather a disadvantage.

A few weeks in, time comes round for the first assignment to be due and the instructions were a bit vague so I did my best and waited to see what my mark would be. The day the assignments were being handed back I logged online to peek at my mark before the papers came round and was floored to see I had a 0. 0%? How can you even get 0% if you handed anything, like literally anything, in?!

After class I went up to the prof because my paper hadn’t even been handed back and he was like, “Oh yeah, did I forget your email in my inbox? Whoops! I’ll get that to ya as soon as I can!” (Super chill guy, probably my second favourite prof throughout university. Has like flowing, shoulder-length, ringletted, white hair and a double piercing in one ear in which he always has a set of two hoop earrings. I say he’s the retired pirate prof)

So next class, before it starts, he comes and stands in front of me and says, “So we have a problem.” My stomach drops and I’m nearly panicking, did I do it completely wrong? Did I misunderstand everything? Am I going to fail? Am I not going to graduate? Am I going to have to stay another year for this one course? Whyyyyy crueeeeel worldddddddddddd…. Etc.

“Your assignment is really good! You need to speak up more in class!” Relief could have melted me onto the floor in that moment. And while the class did end up being one of my favourites overall it was still very challenging. I always felt like I was uncertain in what I was doing and yet my marks usually implied I was doing alright so the exam was going to be the final test (like, literally, cause it was the last test, but like it also determined like everythi-you get it, it’s a bad pun :P)

Realistically I could have gotten 0 on the exam and passed the course, not well! But passed. Well, my mark was entered into the system two days ago. I done good guys… I done good.

I’m graduating.


Kids Program and a Wake: March 8

This morning us girls went to Roseti (the “i” is silent in almost every word here. For example, Cālārasi is pronounced calaresh etc.) while the boys went out with T for Saturday morning soccer in a couple nearby villages. So we went to Roseti (ignore the i) to work with a kids program they run every Saturday down there. Outstrenched Hands (which Brad runs, they’re the ones who head up the Hope Centre) run the kids program so E (our friend from yesterday, helped us with translating sometimes and just came  to hang out other times =D) and A (another friend from yesterday, an American girl who moved out to Romania three years ago to work with the Outstretched Hands team) and a couple of the others who we met yesterday were there.

About twenty kids came and they started off with a worship time (very energetic), then one of the other leaders spoke (A translated it for us). She spoke about Mothers a bit because today is officially “Mother’s Day” here and then E spoke a bit about his mum (he ended up calling her on speaker phone for the kids, it was super cute =D) and then we made a craft (daffodils made of drinking straws and tissue streamers) and had a snack (chips and pop, seems to be the most standard snack type thing anywhere here.) E came out with us for the day so once we were done at the kids program we went out for soup with him and team-leader-R and E is hilarious, it was really fun. D and B had some soup and Reinhard did too but I wasn’t feeling great so once again, I didn’t eat anything. E shared with us about his life a bit and how he became involved in Outstretched Hands.

Once we were done with food we all came back to R&D’s (about 2ish) and then we were home for about two hours. The boys were still out with T playing soccer in a couple villages so we didn’t really see them all day until we met them at a gas station while heading out to another village tonight. I don’t remember the names of the villages but we went to two. We got to the first one just after five and we were all as a group, us five, R&D, E, and T and then we met up with the pastor of that village’s church and his son. We were going to have a ladies meeting there originally but then one of the ladies passed away last night so that was cancelled but they still wanted to do something for the ladies as it’s Mother’s Day(*/weekend/week) so we came out to give a flower, chocolates, and a scarf to each of the ladies in Pastor M’s church. We went to each of their houses and gave them the gifts and prayed with them; they often invited us into their houses. Their houses were all so tiny, and so many people would be in each house. We didn’t really see much inside because we were walking from place to place within the village and its been raining so much that its very muddy (all the streets in the villages are dirt, now mud) so we would just stand in their front room or outside the front door.

We did that till about 7:30 (about two and a half hours) and then we drove to the neighbouring village for the wake. It was totally dark by then and there were a bunch of people standing around by the house when we arrived. We went into the house when we arrived and the house was so tiny and already so packed out that we didn’t all fit into the room where the body was lying so I (quite contentedly) didn’t see the body. Team-leader-R spoke with E translating to the woman’s sister who was inside where the body was laid in the coffin with some other ladies (friends and family I assume). After he was done we went outside and team-leader-D wasn’t really sure how long we were going to be there, she said sometimes these funerals can go until morning and a couple pastors were supposed to be coming to speak and have a service. Somehow it was decided that team-leader-R was going to buy food for the funeral so we went to this little bar/corner store place (kinda like a gas station food selection attached to a bar) and find some bread and cheese and salami and pop and stuff. Then we went back to the house and unloaded all that stuff and we’d brought the cupcakes we made yesterday for the ladies meeting which was, of course, cancelled, so we brought those and handed them out at the funeral. It was kind of sad serving the cupcakes out because you can tell by the way people take them that for one, sweets are an extreme rarity, and, some of them possibly haven’t eaten properly or at all all day.

By then it was already like 8:45 and the pastors still hadn’t shown up to have the service so team-leader-R knew it was going to go suuuuper late so we handed out all of the cupcakes and then we left to drive the 45 minutes back home. E is staying overnight and coming to church with us in the morning (I think he’s coming round with us all day again actually) and we found out he’s D’s twin/birthday buddy, they’re both the same month/day/year =D He was very excited to find that out. We’ve also finally convinced him that we are all, in fact, taller than him. He seems to think he’s much taller than he really is ;D I’m switching rooms with B tonight so I have to be allllll bYyyYyyy myyseeeEeeeleEEeeelLlff. But maybe I’ll sleep better, still haven’t been sleeping well at all… who knows. Early start tomorrow so I have to quickly jot some notes for talking about “Mothers” in a testimonial style anecdote thingy at church tomorrow. (Each of us girls and then team-leader-D are sharing something, they’re hardcore about Mother’s Day here!)

So I’m off! How are all of you? Any more snow? Anything exciting happening?
Miss you byeeeeeee!

I have noooo pictures from today… Sorry!

Collision of Worlds

Today my roommate and I were invited to join our host family’s family birthday dinner for their two year old grandson, so we did! (seeing as, you know, we live in the basement ;D). It was really fun! He’s adorable, and usually stays over once a week so he knows the two of us fairly well and then one of the couple’s sons is the principal of my old school and his wife is involved in the administration of the internship program we’re in so it was just a collision of worlds which was pretty amusing. The couples son (the principal) has decided that Desi and I are now somehow non-biological siblings because we live in his old home with his parents… Yes! Honourary older siblings!

So yeah, today I got to go to a two year old’s birthday and eat chocolate fondue and everything was beautiful.

Home but Tired

This past weekend I was in The Pas, Manitoba with the Internship program that I’m in. We left on Friday and got back this evening. I’ll have a detailed post about what we did up tomorrow, bed time now!! (seven hour car rides are tiiiiiiiring…!)


Autumn in The Pas

Roadtripping (again) and Youtube

My roommate and I have gotten to the point where we’re sitting side by side showing each other funny youtube videos one after the other…

By the way, I’m heading on a roadtrip tomorrow til Sunday evening and I don’t know *slash* doubt that I’ll have internet so I may be posting things when I get back down to Winnipeg.

I’m travelling with the internship that I’m doing. We’re heading to a church out of town that we’re connected to and we’ll be doing outreaches/children’s ministry up there. It’s gonna be fun =)

Anywho, see you when I see you!!

Busybusybusy = My New Life

Today was busybusybusy as I have a feeling my life will be from now on! Desi and I slept through our alarm (which I’m still not fully convinced ever went off…) and woke up twenty minutes before we had to leave to catch the bus soooooo that was fun.

Then we had theology class all morning. Learned about the death of Christ and certain significant points in that story and where they tie in to other things or have certain symbolic things attached. Quite interesting except it seems like today all of us were just so out of it. Our teacher seemed to notice and decided to let us go half an hour early. He actually said, “You guys seem a bit brain dead, I think I’ll just leave it there for today.” We tried. Sort of. Mostly. I took notes still…!

This afternoon we didn’t have booked for study though, we have trip prep because we’re going to one of the other churches we’re connected to in our province in two weeks so we’ve started prep for that. It sounds like we’re going to be running the children’s ministry program for the morning so we were planning the morning out for that, finding songs. I got to make a craft template for a lantern they’re going to make which was super fun!! =D


Lantern templates and test runs














Tonight I went to the hospital to see my mum with my dad and my sister (who arrived safely home very late on Monday after flight delays leaving Heathrow airport and a missed connection in Toronto). Mum was feeling much better today, stiffness is almost completely gone and sore throat and fever are gone. There appears to be some kind of heart infection but they’re still working out what exactly it is and how to treat it. She’s on some meds for it now so hopefully those will help. We’re continuing to pray for her, sleeping has been a bit hard while she’s been in hospital, and we’re praying that she will get completely healed so that God can blow the doctor’s away with a miraculous healing! 😉 (they’re already a bit stumped that all the soreness and the fever has gone away without any treatment. She’s just been on painkillers til the meds for the heart infection today) I’m also praying that she’ll be able to come home soon. She’s been there since Sunday and we want her healed/treated/healthy and out of there ASAP!

Thanks again to those praying!
Talk to you tomorrow!