Goodbye Life of a Spinster Aunt

I never imagined my wedding as a little girl.

My sister and I had bunkbeds as kids and it wasn’t rare that I’d fall asleep listening to her describe in painstaking detail every minute aspect of her shockingly purple wedding-to-be.

But that’s just it, I fell asleep. I wasn’t into wedding planning as an eight year old, even then I think they may have been some doubt because I don’t think I ever really thought I would get married. I just kind of assumed I’d grow too old and become a cat lady with no cats (cause I’m allergic) and just be a spinster aunt. I wasn’t even really disturbed by this reality, it just seemed like it was bound to be reality, it seemed natural.

I never really got particularly lonely as a child, I liked to read and play alone, and I was a little odd. We all know looking back we were a little odd but some people grow out of that. I don’t think I ever did, in fact I think I grew into it. I just kind of assumed that no one would want to put up with my weird and drama and pickiness and silly and I was okay with that, I didn’t think anyone had to. I’m a rather logical person; it seemed a rather logical conclusion.

And yet here I am, wedding planning. I’m still a little shocked sometimes that Ryan loves me, goodness, even likes me! I don’t even like me very much of the time! But then I wake up to a text, “Good morning beautiful” and I go to sleep to “I love you” and it’s this happy little surprise every time because somewhere inside I feel I can never expect it. I never expect to be loved and am often surprised to find that I’m liked. I am still not very good at being in touch with my emotions but I’m trying and the fact that someone could be so in touch with theirs as to consciously choose to spend some liking me, am I really worth it?

And please don’t think I say this so people can assure me that I am (in fact assurance has yet to have much affect and I’m 23) I simply say it because what I never expected, and assumed would never happen, has, and I picked out “The” white dress today and we’re picking venues and choosing colours and building up our wedding party squad and sometimes it’s like I’m in someone else’s dream because how could it possibly actually be mine? Where are the cats? Where is the spinster life? What is this love and acceptance and friendship and future?

It’s mine.



Sometimes you just need to have a night to watch Agent Carter and paint your nails red. Sometimes that movie night happens when you should studying for an upcoming midterm.


Like not all the time.

That may have happened tonight.

That happened tonight.

My nails are a really nice shade of red.



Today the most exciting thing that happened was I bought season three and four of Chuck. I bought seasons 1-2 while in BC at Christmas, but I’d finished them and wanted to watch more! Last week I went into the HMV and they had season 1-3 but they were all 2 for $30 which is a much better deal then buying them individually. The nice store guy checked the computer for me and season four was on order so I cam eback today AND THERE THEY WERE, SEASON THREE AND FOUR, WAITING FOR ME.

So I bought them.


VanDusen Gardens: Festival of Lights

Today us girls got to go shopping with grandma because we got some christmas money that was burning holes in our pockets.

We drove to the nearest big mall (so not really that near) and shopped for like three hours. Now I was really good today, I shopped and I browsed and I was interested in peoples shopping. Normally I shop like a guy: I know what I want, I go get it as fast as possible and I get out as fast as possible. Three hours, I spent over three hours in a mall today.
I bought season 1&2 of Chuck (Lizzy, I’m hooked), Jane Eyre (2011), and Disney’s Robin Hood on blueray (we only have the VHS…), and a new memory card because it was on a really good sale after boxing day and I still haven’t found my old one…

But now I have a now one

So yeah, shopping, successful, oohrah.

After shopping we drove out to VanDusen Gardens where there’s a Festival of Lights, that is, a Christmas lights display all through the garden and you can walk through and it’s really pretty!

photo 1-2

Cousins. L-R: Me, T, Amy

Cousins. L-R: Me, T, Amy

A cool lookin tree

A cool lookin tree




















photo 4

photo 5

L-R Grandpa, Me, T, Amy, Grandma

L-R Grandpa, Me, T, Amy, Grandma


















































They had this one section where they had a ten minute show with lights timed to music which was pretty fun. That happened every half hour so we caught two of them.

So yeah, lights show with the fam today. Once we finished the lights we headed to the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. for dinner which was very tasty and I’m sure very healthy and organic =)

Amy and I just finished an episode of Chuck and tomorrow is out last full day here so we need to get some sleep!

Talk to you tomorrow (maybe, New Years, you know!)


Fitting Stuff In

I do not like rearranging furniture.

Well, I like rearranging it, I just don’t like all the cleaning and tidying that goes with moving things, and the physical fitting of things into spots. That’s not fun either.

I could be Amy Adams’ character in Leap Year and arrange people’s houses to sell them, because she has people to do all the moving and cleaning for her, she just says where to put stuff. I could do that.


Doctor Who?

Today was a rather mediocre day until I got home this evening and I was scrolling around on tumblr and I came across this post:

Dr WhoDay made! And, being a Doctor Who fan I leapt into action!

I may or may not have ordered five seasons of Doctor Who this evening…

I just really enjoy Doctor Who! I found out about it around Christmas 2010 and within two weeks I had watched the first three seasons (or the 2005 reboot). I like the absurdness of it and I like the character development that happens through the companions during their run and even how the Doctor himself changes through his various regenerations.

So today I saw the sale and most of the season were cheaper than I’ve ever seen them online or in stores so I figured I may as well buy them now so I don’t have to pay full prices later! And now, by July 3rd I will have Season 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 to enjoy! (seasons 2 and 7 weren’t on sale… one day!)

Check out the sale here, there’s quite a few shows on sale and some movies too!

Talk to you tomorrow!


Day Saved!

My Mum saved the day today!

Two weeks ago at youth group (I’m a leader) we made mini movies in small groups to do with the concept of Community. I can’t publish ours online for privacy reasons (I’d need the permission of all the parents of the youth in it) but basically we had a sporty group of girls and a dancing group of girls and they were do their own thing in cliques while Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together” played and then in the end they decided to be friends and be a community!! Bam! We are just soooo prooooooooo…! And then of course we closed it off with a harlem shake. Tonight we watched all the movies and my group won the best movie of the night (and a bag of toffees). This was determined, of course, by the volume of screams of approval after all the films had been watched.

But all of this would have never happened if my Mother had not saved the day…!

My Dad was driving me to youth group and part way there I discovered, Shoot, I forgot my laptop with the movie on it at home!!

plan anyone?







Weeeeeeellllll… maybe I can phone Mum at home and get her to email it to me from my laptop and then access it from my email on someone else’s computer! Foolproof plan right?

Well I phone up my Mum and she’s game to give it a try but now I have to talk her through the whole process over the phone by memory… So I give her my password, she’s onto the laptop. Thankfully I leave my email with the password in so that opens up automatically for her and we get a new email window open.

Now we have to get the file attached. So I get her to Click the paperclip symbol and then comes the tricky part because I don’t remember what I saved the movie file as. So I get her into the movies section and then I’m like, It’ll probably say something about “Youth group” maybe “grade 7 and 8 girls” and I just let her scroll through.

First pothole, because I couldn’t actually see what she was seeing she was trying to attach the iMovie event rather than the finished file so that didn’t want to send and kept giving us error messages. Then I got her to take a picture with her phone of what she was seeing and send it to me and then I found our mistake so we got to the right section for the exported files where it says file names like 1080p, 720p, Large, etc… and we try 1080. Too big to attach. Oh well, try a smaller one. We get down to the smallest file and it’s still too big to attach. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

So we jump into iMail. Maybe it’ll send from there. I talk her through iMail. Nope, still doesn’t wanna send. Well, we’ve been trying for twenty minutes now and I only have a phone and I’m now across the city. Guess I won’t be able to show our group’s video.

Then, genius Jr. High youth pastor W suggests something called “Dropbox”. I have never heard of this “Dropbox” so he shows me how it works and I’m like Yeah, I make an account here, Mum uploads it from home, I can access it here? Sounds like a plan! 

So I phone up my poor ever-suffering Mum who gamely agrees to try this new idea on a program even I have never used before and now have to talk her through. However, Mum prevailed and the file was uploaded, the video watched, the “competition” won, and the toffees eaten.

(Mum was also very proud of herself for managing to do all the things I was explaining and succeeding in getting the file sent. I think she felt rather like a bit of a techie after it!)

And that was how my Mum saved the day!

thumbs up






Talk to you all tomorrow!