Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.
– Lemony Snicket, The Miserable Mill

Maybe I should spend more attention to my mornings…



My New School

So post-skating soreness hit me this evening… I thought I was okay this morning, but nope, stairs could be an issue.

I start school again on Monday. The Christmas holiday hasn’t really felt a whole lot like a holiday, I had a grand total of three day offs but it was a good time and I had a school-side mental rest even if I didn’t get a full physical rest. But today I ordered my textbooks and I’m arranging rides fro school and I’m looking forward to it.

I started at a new school this September. I graduated high school in 2011, took a gap year in which I went to England (2011-2012), and then went to the University of Winnipeg for a year (2012-2013). I did not enjoy that year. At the time I was still dealing with coming out of some mild depression (I made a post about it a while ago) and I wasn’t sure who I was or what I wanted to do and I didn’t like school and I literally avoided people I knew when in a “mood” while at school and actively did not make new friends. I didn’t make a single friend at school. Not one. I don’t know if that’s normal, but I feel like its kind of not… It might have been me coming from a very small school to going to a larger school; it might have been the age, post-high school can be rough; it might have been the program I was in not being what I wanted; it might have been a mix of all of those things. Needless to say as I left the university after my last exam I said to myself, “I am not coming back here again. Ever.”
And I didn’t.

The next year I did an internship program with my church which I really enjoyed and then I was once again faced with the “where to now?” problem. I ended up choosing a smallish Christian University just outside of Winnipeg. Starting there I only knew one person through some mutual friends and I think that was a benefit for me because it meant I couldn’t hide behind friends I already had, I had to put myself out there and make new friends. I also could start afresh, no one knew me, or had any preconceptions about me, I could just be me and be accepted as such, not as “how I used to be” or “how I’ve changed”, but who I am. That was really nice.

I now commute every day with new friends, I’m happy to go to school in the morning (well I don’t like actively waking up, that sucks, sleep is the bomb-diggity, but, like, I’m generally happier to face the day ;D), I enjoy walking through the school doors each day, and leaving for Christmas break last month I felt genuinely sad – I was going to miss these people!

I’ve also enjoyed my classes a lot more, being happy somewhere is a major motivator for me to work hard in assigments and stuff (but not the only motivator, some class just suck but you gotta do them, it’s a thing). In the year at the university of Winnipeg I got 4 B’s, an A-, and a C. This past semester I got straight A’s. I got to take a class on religious themes in literature and we studied The Chronicles of Narnia. We had a Narnia party.

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We brought Narnia related snacks, dressed up in costumes, and watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I got marks for making and bringing a jelly roll to class.

(also, yeah, I made a jelly roll this year. I baked that. By myself. I was/am really proud of it so, yeah…)

One of my friends did a year long program at this school last year and when we were talking about school stuff recently she described the school as “The place where even the most unique characters can find belonging.” and it’s so true. Everyone I’ve met there is so unique and fun and different in their own ways and yet everyone seems to fit in and be happy and be friends, we all manage to click.

I love it. I’m so happy. I haven’t felt belonging like this in a very long time. It’s nice.


Shall we try this again?

It’s been a rather long time since I posted something (on the day it was written that is. I’m still gradually posting my entries from my Romania trip back in March). Here is whats been going on!

When I last posted it was mid-April and I had only just resurfaced onto the internet after being away for all of March. The month of April my roommate D and I stayed with our own families at home. We had classes, took a weekend trip down to Fargo to visit and help at a sister church down there, and helped prepare for the mission weekend our church was having May 2-4. That last weekend was a blast. We put together the centerpieces for all the tables (I think it was like 40ish centrepieces… We cut the branches, printed, folded, and glued little flags on them and arranged them all in vases. More time consuming and complicated than one might think but all good fun!) We chopped, peeled, washed, cut, stirred, and behaved like wonderful little sous chiefs in the kitchen for two days ahead of time to help put together the giant feast! (It was soooooo tasty! Dishes from countries all over the world, smelt amazing and tasted AHH so good! =D)

Then, on May the Fourth (yes, Star Wars day =D) I graduated from the Internship program I was in this past year. My three classmates/friends/buddies-ol’-pals and I had a short little graduation ceremony at church that morning where we received our certificates of graduation and were then sent off, back out into the world of “real-life” =D

L-R: J, B, me, and D after our graduation on May 4, 2014

L-R: J, B, me, and D after our graduation on May 4, 2014

(Sidenote: If you’re interested in doing this program you can find more information on the website, here, or by liking the facebook page, here. Room-and-board options are available for people who don’t live in Winnipeg and don’t worry, there is no age limit, you can have just graduated high school or have grandkids graduating high school =D).

Then it was May and I had no school and my siblings were still in school and my parents were working and I was only working part-time because my current job wasn’t able to up me to full-time for the summer and so I had a lot of time spent at home with just the dog for company… I watched three seasons of Chuck, two season of Orphan Black, lots of Primeval, started rereading the Hobbit (still going), and ate a lot of candy bars. One day I went out and went through the local mall and handed out resumes (for a second part-time job) and that went okay but I didn’t hear back from anyone for like three weeks… I had never heard back from the University of British Columbia where I had applied in December so during mopey-May I reapplied to the university I was at in 2012-13 as a backup plan having decided on a major I would take, but I didn’t want to go back there. I had changed my mind over the course of the year and I am no longer going to be going into film production or theatre (I’ll try to keep it as a hobby though because I LURV IT). I had decided to go into intercultural relations (that’s still the plan) but was looking into another local university for a course there. I’m a procrastinater, especially about important things so all through May, I didn’t apply.
Through all the procrastinating did come one good thing, I finally edited and uploaded a “music video” that us interns made back in February before we left to Romania

Also in May, I went paintballing for the first time at J’s cousins’ place with J and B and J’s cousins. It was pretty awesome! 5 out of five stars, would do again =D

Paintballing in style

Paintballing in style

And then we finished off the month by adding a thirteenth cousin to the family, baby Emmett came along for his older brother’s birthday (who was positively delighted) on the last day of the month.

photo 1-4

I’m the oldest, he’s the youngest, we should be pals.

June came along, I went to the Night Before our Stars with two friends and saw a few nerdfighter friends there as well. I loved the movie, smiled and laughed through the first half, wept through the last, and giddily grinned through the live show at the end.



I got called for three job interviews during the first two weeks of June. I was offered the last two and accepted my favourite (which conveniently I was offered first). I started working there last week. It’s a different pace and atmosphere than my other job but I’m enjoying it and getting the hang of things. I get to wear a headset so I feel like I should be reporting on really cool things all the time except that my ears are kinda tiny (this is a fact, my hairdresser laughs at me and says they’re cute) so the headset keeps slipping off.

I’m just gonna leave this here…

I finally got a letter from UBC, I was accepted, but since I’ve changed my mind on what career I’m going to head into I won’t be going there. I’m kind of disappointed in a way, I mean it would have been a blast, taking theatre!? I’d have loved it! But I don’t think that’s what I’m supposed to do as a career so I’m not going to pursue it as such. I finally applied for the other university and a week later heard back – I’ve been accepted and will be going there in the autumn to take intercultural studies for a BA which will take three years. The program I was considering taking originally when I started uni way back in 2012 was a four-year course so all-in-all I guess I’ll be in school the same amount of time as originally planned. It seems like a long time though; three more years. Once I graduate I hope to get on with a charitable organization and work overseas. At this point I’d like to minor in Communications/Media but who knows, that could change =D

As it stands, I’m working my two part-time jobs for the summer, sorry to be missing Vidcon this coming weekend but hoping to make it next year, and heading back off to uni in the fall. I’m recently really into rainbow loom bracelets (having been taught how to make them by my younger cousins a few months ago. I’m sooo the cool older cousin =D) and rewatching a bunch Starkid musicals.
I made a whole set of Avengers bracelets watching AVPS the other night:

It's the whole gang: Nick Fury, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Loki!

It’s the whole gang: Nick Fury, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Loki!

I’m still going to finish posting my Romania posts eventually, but as of today, I’m recommitting to a year of posts. I’ve now passed my first year anniversary (it was on April 3) but lets go another year starting June 21.
Maybe I’ll even actually complete the year this time… ;D

Well, until tomorrow *salutes*

Not giving up buuuut…

Okay, I need to get back into the habit of doing this because I’ve obviously fallen out out habit and I’m tired of catching this blog up after the fact. The past week I did more filming for a new project at the school and worked on editing that, the five of us interns went to a teachers conference on Friday with the teachers of the school we help at. It was… erm… interesting? He had very good points and it was all good but there wasn’t a lot of practical application and as I’m not a teacher, nor do I ever intend to be a teacher, it didn’t really apply to me anyway but, hey, part of the course so we do it! =D

Today I worked again for the first time in like two weeks and it was kinda weird being back. I really love my job though, I have great coworkers and it’s a nice store and it’s just nice… well, expect for that customer who got mad at me because I couldn’t legally authorize what he wanted. Oh, nope wait, he came back and apologized later, very nice! =D

I’m working at getting back into doing this regularly but I make no promises…

3rd Vlogiversary

Three years ago today I uploaded me first vlog. It was awful, I was sitting on the floor in my room and whispering so my family wouldn’t hear me and discover what I was doing (my first four of five videos are whispering, then they found out about my videos and I started being a lot louder). It was filmed using my tiny little point-and-shoot camera on a mini tripod balanced on a stack of books and has since been privated because it’s so painful for me to watch I can’t even laugh at it, but it started off something I’ve been doing at 1 to 31 times a month for three years.

I really enjoy making videos, I love editing them and although I’m not very good at it, I’m pretty picky about things and usually take about an hour or an hour and a half to edit making most videos about a two hour process plus exporting and uploading time (which can add another two hours, but at least that I can go do other things while it’s happening!) Making youtube videos was how I figured out I would enjoy going into film production. I would probably never thought about something like that if it wasn’t for making youtube videos and learning how to edit by jumping in and doing it and copying the way I noticed that others edited their videos. In fact, my first few videos we’re edited at all because I thought it was a cheat to cut out all the mistakes, and while yes, it’s totally to cut out the mistakes, it’s also to make things quicker, give variety, and keep audience attention. It’s much easier (for most people) to watch a video with jump cuts (as long as they’re not excessive), rather than a video with no editing. I still make one-take videos sometimes (take todays for example) but mostly I try and edit them a bit to keep it interesting (and cut out most of the umms!! =D)

Three years after I started I have 392 subscribers which still surprises me, I’m not sure I’d watch me! But I appreciate that others do, it certainly makes it more fun, and it’s nice to be able to interact with people on the other end!
So, *pours sparkling apple juice into a champagne flute* here’s to three more years! (sorry mum and dad, I’m gonna keep trying to film all our holiday traditions and vacations and stuff ;D)


Going to House-group

Today I went to house-group for the first time. Well a proper house-group, I’ve been to youth “cell groups” but never to a proper adult cell group (since I became an “adult” two years ago, I could have started attending one then but I kinda was intimidated by the thought so I just didn’t)

House-groups are like Bible study groups within the church basically (cell groups are the same but the youth ones meet before youth group begin so as a youth, they were much easier to attend as I was going to be at that place for the evening anyway). Today I went with my roommate to her house-group and I really enjoyed it. They were welcoming and friendly but not overwhelming. They involved me but didn’t drown me. Mostly they let me chill in the background where I like to be when I’m new to something, pulling me out periodically so I got involved. It was good. We were talking about God’s sovereignty and persisting in what seem to be unanswered prayers (personally I don’t believe any prayer ever goes unanswered, it always gets one of three answers: yes, not yet, or no). We got some good discussion and stuff so yeah, maybe I’ll go back next week!


First Day

First day of the Bible school/internship program today. It went really well! It’s a super small group of us because this is kind of a trial-run/pilot year so there’s only four of us, myself, two of my friends: Desi and Beth, and one of the young adult guys from the church. (I don’t know how he’d feel about being mentioned on here so I’m going to refer to him as “J” instead of a name)

Anywho, J’s still working fulltime for the next week so this week is gonna be just us girls which should be fun! Hopefully we won’t intimidate him when he joins us for the official first classes next week.

This week is just gonna be a lot of orientation stuff from the sound of it and we have some readings that need to get done before classes start in full force. We’re reading Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris and so far I’m really enjoying it. He balances theological truths with stories showing them at work in such a way that actually makes it an enjoyable as well as intellectual read so I’m looking forward to the classes that will involve that! (We have a speaker who used to attend our church when he lived here coming in from England to do classes with us for the first three weeks so that’s another exciting thing! He’s a really good teacher, looking forward to his classes)

However having my first full day of school-like stuff since April has really tired me out so my roommate (Desi) and I are going to bed and turning out the light before eleven. Woohoo! Go us! Oh the exciting lives we lead! 😉

First day!

First day!










Talk to you tomorrow!