A Beginner is Cooking: D is for Definitely mostly Defrosted…

Today I decided to be bold. I am not making a one serve meal, there will be leftovers (intentional ones that is, as opposed to last time when I just got too full!). There could be waste. THERE IS MORE PRESSURE! No one but me has to eat these leftovers though so at least theres that. I don’t have to disappoint people!

No cooking happened last week, apologies, situation at work, had to pick up a shift on my day off, ran out of time etc, we move on!

There was meat in the house today, a good start! And I planned ahead enough to defrost said meat, so far things are going very well! I even found a recipe with the word simple in the name which bodes quite well for me overall. Today the mission is Simple Lemon Herb Chicken with couscous and some kind of frozen vegetable that I will choose at a later time… There! I’m incorporating vegetables even if I’m not reaaaaaaaally cooking them!


So cooking! Mostly this involved putting herbs and lemon juice on the chicken (based on a similar, yet different recipe, I also put minced garlic in the pan with the oil at the beginning and added in rosemary along with the oregano. I am adding things in that are not on the recipe?! Whaaaaat? Getting bold…)


At this point the amount of sizzling happening was starting to freak me out a little. I mean I know that means its actually cooking but in my mind it sets off sirens screaming BURNING! SPLATTERING OIL! NEAR EXPLOSIONS! etc, so it’s really a thrilling process allowing myself to nibble nervously on my nails and not interfere long enough for things to actually cook through! I flipped the chicken and we hit the time when ideally they should have been cooked through…


Some of you seasoned chefs (bumdumtss) may have noticed I used the words “ideally” and “should have been” there… That’s right. I do thankfully know enough to cut the chicken through at its thickest point to see if its cooked through before serving up so when I did that this time round I was a little bummed to find that they were noooooooooooot cooked through. Thus I was faced with a conundrum. I didn’t know how long they’d take to cook through or if the outside would burn if I just continued to cook them as they were, so I took the other idea that presented itself and cut ’em in half (and then mauled ’em a bit more to make sure as much pink as possible was touching the pan).


I had forgotten that in a review of the meal the cook mentioned pounding the meat to even the width or something, which is something I love doing! and I forgot it! So sad… I also maaay not have been patient enough to let it all fuuuuuully defrost (but I think it was definitely mostly defrosted). Anyway, at this point I had made couscous and green beans so they were ready to go and after being fully confident that the chicken was thoroughly cooked (don’t worry, it may have ultimately been overcooked but I was taking no chances!) I plated up a full meal for mahself.

FullSizeRender (1)

It looked good, it smelt good, and dang it, it tasted good! It was quite lemony but the couscous balanced it out nicely or something and I was one happy camper! What with this and tuna casserole I can now provide meals for two days in succession, I’m basically building up a repertoire! (Warning: high levels of sarcasm have been found in this use of the word “repertoire”)

So there we go, I am no longer a useless college-aged student living for free in my parents’ basement. Now, I can cook two decent tasting meals.


VanDusen Gardens: Festival of Lights

Today us girls got to go shopping with grandma because we got some christmas money that was burning holes in our pockets.

We drove to the nearest big mall (so not really that near) and shopped for like three hours. Now I was really good today, I shopped and I browsed and I was interested in peoples shopping. Normally I shop like a guy: I know what I want, I go get it as fast as possible and I get out as fast as possible. Three hours, I spent over three hours in a mall today.
I bought season 1&2 of Chuck (Lizzy, I’m hooked), Jane Eyre (2011), and Disney’s Robin Hood on blueray (we only have the VHS…), and a new memory card because it was on a really good sale after boxing day and I still haven’t found my old one…

But now I have a now one

So yeah, shopping, successful, oohrah.

After shopping we drove out to VanDusen Gardens where there’s a Festival of Lights, that is, a Christmas lights display all through the garden and you can walk through and it’s really pretty!

photo 1-2

Cousins. L-R: Me, T, Amy

Cousins. L-R: Me, T, Amy

A cool lookin tree

A cool lookin tree




















photo 4

photo 5

L-R Grandpa, Me, T, Amy, Grandma

L-R Grandpa, Me, T, Amy, Grandma


















































They had this one section where they had a ten minute show with lights timed to music which was pretty fun. That happened every half hour so we caught two of them.

So yeah, lights show with the fam today. Once we finished the lights we headed to the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. for dinner which was very tasty and I’m sure very healthy and organic =)

Amy and I just finished an episode of Chuck and tomorrow is out last full day here so we need to get some sleep!

Talk to you tomorrow (maybe, New Years, you know!)