Pricking Fingers, Saving Lives

Nearly five litres of it flows through your body at all times, it transports oxygen, regulates your body temperature, and keeps our immune systems running properly, and the loss of just 30% or more of it can have dire results. Blood is crucial to our existence, which is why blood donors are so important.

Today at my university the Canadian Blood Services came in to run blood type testing for students and faculty. I am frightened of needles. One might say I am terrified of needles. I usually faint when a needle punctures my skin. However, as someone who has had at least two close friends and family members who’s lives were saved by blood transfusions I know the importance of them. Even if I wasn’t prepared to donate blood right away or maybe never go in to donate to a blood bank, knowing what blood type you are means that you know if you can donate blood if a loved one requires it at short notice.

So with my friends beside me I dug up my courage and had a blood type test. Got a little shaky but managed to stay conscious. Turns out I’m A+, a true overachiever in everything.