And so twenty-two is done. I am twenty-three.

Some people have asked me, what’s so bad about 23? Why the fuss? And I know, I know, I was drama queening a little bit, gotta make a fuss around birthdays you know! Adds to the fun! But 23 does feel different for some reason. Usually ages don’t feel like a big deal, at least I don’t find them a big deal, but this one felt different.

I always wanted to be twenty-two. I think I romanticized the age a bit. I was born on the twenty-second, 22 was my jersey number in basketball, twenty-two was my mum’s age when she got married. It seemed like it would be a big year, a special year! It was my champagne birthday after all! #22onthe22 (and I’ve realized I had no champagne all year, this is what happens when you don’t really like alcohol all that much…)

And it was a great year! I finally hit a rhythm and completed my second year of my degree instead of changing my degree again, a wonderful boyfriend came into the picture, I made new friends and had great times with old friends, there was a road trip to BC, adventures in Seattle… Twenty-two was a good year, I enjoyed it!

But see, seven year old Becky would disagree. Seven year old Becky would have graduated by now and would be a teacher. Seven year old Becky would have gotten married this year. Seven year old Becky would be very pleased that I actually have dyed my hair red. (six year old Becky would be quite pleased with that fact too…) So I’m sorry seven year old Becky, red hair is the only part of your plan that will ever come to pass because I’m no longer twenty-two, the goal age has passed. I cannot fulfill your dreams in the time you gave me, but no, no I won’t say sorry for that seven year old Becky, because sometimes some things need a bit more time. You see life isn’t all as quick and easy as dying your hair. Life is messy and doesn’t fit into molds very neatly. The future is unknown, it’s unplanned, and it’s very unlikely to be uneventful.

Now I get to be twenty-three.


Wait, what alarm?

This morning I slept passed all of my five alarms and didn’t go to school. That’s what happens when your only class is forty-five minutes away and at 8:30 in the morning and you sleep in and suddenly you have no school. Quite honestly I’m impressed I haven’t slept in and missed a class yet this semester, I think it happened earlier on last semester.
Due to my new habit of getting the most sleep humanly possible I now go more days not wearing makeup than I go wearing makeup – something that hasn’t happened since I was about fifteen. It’s quite refreshing, I love not wearing makeup! But I also like wearing makeup so I’m gonna continue doing whatever I want on that particular day!

I’m gonna go to bed now so I wake up for work tomorrow… GOODNIGHT ALL AND TO ALL A GOODNIGHT

Not giving up buuuut…

Okay, I need to get back into the habit of doing this because I’ve obviously fallen out out habit and I’m tired of catching this blog up after the fact. The past week I did more filming for a new project at the school and worked on editing that, the five of us interns went to a teachers conference on Friday with the teachers of the school we help at. It was… erm… interesting? He had very good points and it was all good but there wasn’t a lot of practical application and as I’m not a teacher, nor do I ever intend to be a teacher, it didn’t really apply to me anyway but, hey, part of the course so we do it! =D

Today I worked again for the first time in like two weeks and it was kinda weird being back. I really love my job though, I have great coworkers and it’s a nice store and it’s just nice… well, expect for that customer who got mad at me because I couldn’t legally authorize what he wanted. Oh, nope wait, he came back and apologized later, very nice! =D

I’m working at getting back into doing this regularly but I make no promises…

Catch-up Day

Today was homework catch up day because I had assignments over Christmas but had no time to get them done what with work and BC over the “holidays”, so today was catch up (eve though the assignment was technically due yesterday… :S)

And now I’m trying to get into early/normal bedtimes because after I got back from BC I somehow accidentally stayed up til around 2/2:30 each night. I must have kept myself on BC time… but I’m trying to get back into the right timezone so that I can manage school! =D


I’ll be home for… VEDUC?

Today was the first day of December, which means it was also the first day of VEDUC (Vlog EveryDay Until Christmas). For those of you who somehow don’t know, I have a youtube channel that I upload video-blogs (vlogs) to every two-four weeks or so. I’m approaching my third “vlogiversary” (Dec. 3) this year so that’s kinda fun!

Anywho, here’s VEDUC, day 1. (Filmed Friday evening with the fam)

Have a great day!